04 October 2012

When I was sixteen, I was at an old underground fort left over from the World Wars on Whidbey Island, Washington. A bunch of my buddies and I got together every so often to play night games at the state park where the fort is still located, games that included the inside of the fort. The game that particular night was Assassins, which is like hide and seek on steroids and was definitely not for kids. The main rule was; no lights allowed.


I walked briskly down the concrete tunnel, but made sure to place my feet carefully so as to make as little noise as possible, but even if someone moved through the tunnels at a snail’s pace, they still made noise that would echo through the passages. Complete silence was impossible.

Having grown up in the area, I knew the passages like the back of my hand, better, maybe. I branched left when I felt the light draft that indicated the tunnel towards the ammo-lift.

A few meters in front of where the ammo-lift was, I saw the doorway on the wall to my left, marked by a faintly darker rectangle, indicating my target destination. I paused before entering the small room, listening for any pursuit; yells, footsteps, rustling, breathing, or anything.

After waiting a few seconds, tuning out my heart beat and the pounding in my ears from adrenaline to listen for pursuit, I slipped into the tiled room, walking past the room’s heavy iron door that was held open flat against the wall by a heavy chain. The State didn’t want anyone getting locked into the rooms. 

I placed my back to the wall a couple steps from the door, the tile cool and comforting against my sweaty back. I feared the dark, which was the reason why I loved these night-games. They were a chance to push myself, to face my fears. For all of the nights we’d been playing games at the fort, I still got a rush playing in the dark.

After a minute or so, I turned away from the wall. It was pitch black. No semblance of light was anywhere around.

The loud groan of ancient and corroded metal hinges echoed through the room as I felt the shock wave of air, caused by the metal door slamming shut, blast against my face.

The hairs on my neck stuck straight up, my heart was pounding out of my chest, and I hoped I was imagining things. I lunged forward and ran straight into the door, as it solidly rejected my momentum. I threw my shoulder into it. It didn’t budge. Bordering on panicking, I fished in my pocket for the tiny LED light on my keychain.

Fear and haste caused my fingers to fumble the keychain and I dropped it. The lightweight plastic light made a ruckus as it skittered across the floor by my feet, the only sound I’d heard aside from the door slamming shut.

I dropped to my hands and knees, feeling around for the light, and as my fingers closed around it, a cold breeze brushed against my shoulder, forcefully almost. Still, no noise.

I pressed the button on the light, the tiny diode lighting the whole room for my darkness-acclimated eyes. I shined it around, finding the room absolutely empty. As my light passed the back wall, something caught my eye. I pointed the light back at the wall. Written on it in red, and still dripping copiously, were three words.

Look behind you.

I spun around and found the door open. I’d not heard it open back up. I didn’t need to hear it. All that mattered was that it was open now.

I have never run so fast out of anywhere in my life. 

Okay. So, that is a true story. I’m serious. To this day, I don’t know what happened. I went back with a couple of the guys in the daytime and checked the door and room.  The bolt that held the door’s chain had been ripped roughly out of the concrete, recently by the looks of the concrete dust on the floor under it. The red writing on the back wall wasn’t paint, which would explain why I hadn’t smelled it.

I have no clue how someone could have gotten down that passage, or into that room without even a whisper of sound.  I’m stumped. And I didn’t play night-games in that fort again for a while. In fact, I only played there one more time. Something happened that time, as well. But, that’s a story for a different time.

Title: Whisper's Edge (Whisper Walker Series, #2)
Author: London Cole
Publisher: London Cole Books, 230 Pages (October 28th, 2012)
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Synopsis: Drake and Kelsie quickly discover life won't be quite the same after getting their new abilities, but they hope everything will settle into a sort of normalcy. It doesn't take long for them to realize it's not the kind of normal they were hoping for.

When Kelsie joins Drake for a routine Hunt, they end up stumbling upon an underground bunker that hasn't been opened in nearly a century. When they meet a far-too-friendly ghost, it should be their first indicator to leave things alone and get out of there. Never ones to resist the opportunity for excitement or mystery, they end up in a situation that could cost them dearly–threatening not only everything they've worked for, but their very lives!

Drake's world is turned upside down. A mysterious new girl seems intent on capturing his heart, but that's not all she's after.

Kelsie faces betrayal by the one she holds most dear, only to meet someone new who could change her entire existence; past, present, and future. If only she can stay alive long enough to find out the truth...

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A HUGE thank you goes out to my friend London for writing up this fun and creepy story for today's Halloween post. Also I can't way thank you enough for being so generous in providing the copies of Whisper Walker and Whisper's Edge to giveaway.

Don't forget to stop by and check out who Jessica is featuring today for Haunted Halloween!

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  1. OK! That would seriously creep me out and I would of been running for the hills with you but you probably would of ended up dragging me (or doing the smart thing and leaving me) cause with me bad knees I can't go very fast.

    mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com

  2. Don't think I know this author!


  3. Okay, that's scary =S I can't wait to hear what happened the last time you were at that underground fort =)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Uhhhh....CREEPY!!! The change in smell would be enough for me!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  5. This sounds great!! I especially love the cover. So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ooo, love the cover! The silvery grey is so pretty! And assassins in the dark... that is not something I would ever do. I hate the absence of light lol. Thanks!


  7. ... I'm scared! Well, at least a little creep out, I read this on 8 in the morning for the creepness dropped a little. Luckily we don't have a fort in my country, not that I know of, at least, so, no locking my self in fort for me! Whoo!


  8. I loveeeeeeeeeeee the cover!! I like creepy mistery books! Thanks for the chance!
    Ileana A. - ilepachequin(at)hotmail(dot)com

  9. Glad y'all like the cover! I know I loved working with the artist to design it. :)

    London Cole

  10. You could NOT have paid me enough money to:
    a)play/visit in that old fort at night
    b)ever step foot there again.
    Of course, I would have died of fright right there on the spot (am terribly claustrophobic lol).
    And thank you for the terrific giveaway, I'd love to read these books <3
    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

  11. Very creepy story. I would be too scared to ever go back.

  12. Being out their at night when you are already uncomfortable in the dark is bad enough, but to go through that! My heart is racing just thinking of how terrified I'd be! But it does make an awesome Halloween tale, doesn't it? Thanks so much for sharing your story with us and for your very generous giveaway :D

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  13. What a creepy story!! This book looks really interesting. I'm just now hearing about it- thanks for getting it on my radar!


  14. Thanks everyone for stopping by to read the story and enter the giveaway! I love reading everyone's comments. :)

    London Cole

  15. Awwww. That story was awesome and creepy all mixed in one. I really want to hear about the time you played the one last time! Where and when are you going to share that story???

    Thanks for the giveaway! I didn't read the first book yet, but you seem like a wonderful writer and have no doubt that the series is amazing.


    1. Thanks! :) I honestly don't know when I'll be doing the following spooky story. Honestly, it scared me even more than the incident listed above. I'm serious.

      If you sign up for the news letter on my site (londoncole.com) I might get the story up for halloween!


  16. thanks for a great post.


  17. Scary story!

    the imagine tree at aol dot com


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