Privacy Policy:

Privacy is very important to me here at A Life Bound By Books and because of that we take it seriously for everyone, including our younger readers. Blogs and the web in general can be fun and full of new and interesting things. It's a great place to learn about everything far and wide, however everyone needs to act responsibly when sharing any personal information.

For children and their parents, please be sure to visit the many resources online to find further information on how to keep you and your family protected on the internet.

Information Collected (for Giveaways) here at A Life Bound By Books and How it's Used:

Any and all personal information asked for or required for giveaways hosted on A Life Bound By Books is not, under any circumstances collected for personal use. I can not promise that others wont take personal information such as emails when left in the comments area on this blog. However, it is always suggested that you never leave any personal information, including your email in the comments here at A Life Bound By Books - unless otherwise stated. To help insure you or your child's safety I would stress the use of a Google ID or using a Blogger account to better control anything you might deem personal online.

Should anyone enter and win a contest on this site, I will need a physical address to send the prize. Many giveaways are sponsored by a 3rd party, such as a author or publisher and I will require the authorization from you before passing your details on for shipping. No one under the age of 13 is permitted to enter any of my giveaways. Please be sure that if you are under the age of 13 you have your parent or legal guardian complete the entry form for you. If you are under the age of 13, I have to ask that your parent also provide the mailing address. It is also the entrants responsibility to follow all instructions and watch for giveaways that require an 18 or older age. Any address collected for winning prizes will NOT be shared, given out, sold or otherwise used other then to ship to the winner(s). I will not keep anyone's information on file, all details provided for each giveaway will be deleted or destroyed after the shipment of any and all prizes to each winner.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to email: alifeboundbybooks AT hotmail DOT com

Contest Policy and Rules:

I thought it was a good idea to let everyone know right away some important information including rules so no one has to question anything or possibly be confused.

Each person who enters will need to supply a current and correct email address. I need to be able to reach the winner, so a current and correct email address will always be required.

Each contest will always have the possibility to be a little different then the last, so be sure to read all instructions carefully to get the most out of not only how many entries you might be eligible for, but also if there's more to it then just a normal giveaway.

Winner(s) will be emailed soon after a contest has ended. It's also wise to check the blog postings to find out you've won. I've stopped posting winners details for the time being, so please always check your email after a giveaway has closed. NOTE: I can NOT be held responsible if the email ends up in your spam folder. If after the 48/72 hour time period is up, and there’s been no contact, another winner(s) will be drawn.

Winner(s) will have 48/72 to contact me via email at: alifeboundbybooks AT hotmail DOT com or, again a new winner(s) will be drawn.

Be sure to not only keep an eye out for contest deadlines, but follow them. ANY AND ALL entries posted after the deadline date will not be eligible. I also have the right to close a contest sooner then the deadline date listed, or extend it.

In each contest the winner(s) will be chosen by random draw using, or Rafflecopter form, unless otherwise stated.


Should I find someone cheating ALL of the entries connected to the cheating will be disqualified. There are ways to check and I DO, so please think twice about cheating here... or anywhere. These giveaways cost a lot of money over the year and I'd hate for a cheater to ruin something fun for everyone. Please think before you cheat.

Winnings coming from me:  All will be mailed within a timely manner after I receive the winner(s) mailing address - unless otherwise informed or stated. I will always try to have things shipped out within the week they are won, yet please understand that sometimes life gets in the way and while I do aim for this, it's not something promised at all. Thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

 *Please see an important note about the postal services below.

Winnings coming from a third party: If the prize is shipped from the author or publisher, I have no control over when they sent out giveaway prizes. If the winner would like to know when it's been shipped, be sure to let me know when you provide me your mailing address and I will do my best to communicate with the third party to provided you with this information.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE USPS: I have NO control over the US Postal Service. I usually ship, when possible via Media Mail because I pay for anything I ship from here out of my own pocket. I use boxes when needed and padded envelopes when needed for all items. I will not be held responsible should your package be damaged, lost or stolen. That is beyond my control and out of my hands. Sorry!

Some important info to keep in mind and remember:

-ALWAYS READ ALL THE ENTRY RULES! *I can't stress this one enough & can tell who doesn't.

-Always check the deadline dates.

-Not all contests will be international, so be sure to check who the giveaway you are entering is open to.

-All rules subject to change. As I have contests I’m sure I’ll have to make some slight changes to the rules. I will post when any updates are made to this section of the site.

-And last but not least, please follow instructions within each contest. Any entry that doesn't follow any and all instructions or rules will not be eligible to win.

I always try to make my giveaways easy to enter, so I hope you'll find many giveaways to enter in the future, so please keep checking back to find out all the great news and info here at A Life Bound By Books!

Last but not least and most importantly, have FUN and Good Luck!!!

*Late updated: June 1st, 2012 - Please know that I reserve the right to change and update these policies at any time and without any warning. Please contact me with any questions.


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