22 October 2012

Crossroads Tour: Amanda Ashby

Could you tell us a bit about – first as a writer, then as a reader – what the pull is for you when it comes to Paranormal/Supernatural characters & stories?

As a writer, I’ve always believed that we can get to the truth through fiction and so I really love the idea of finding human characteristics and traits no matter how strange and unusual the situation is. Also, while I do research for my books, writing paranormals means that my imagination can take the story wherever I want it to go.

And actually, all the things I love about writing paranormals are the same for when I am reading them. I still want the characters to behave in a manner that I can relate to, regardless of what is being thrown at them!

You’ve written about Zombies, Fairies, Angels, and Genies among other supernatural characters/creatures. What’s been your favorite so far and I was wondering if there was anything you haven’t written about yet, but would love to in the future? Also, what’s your appeal to a character such as this?

I have a soft spot for zombies because they are just so funny and telling zombie jokes never gets old! There are loads of things that I would love to do in the future. I mentioned in another interview that I’m slightly obsessed with beserkers, so they are on my list, as are ninjas, because let’s face it, every story is better when there are ninjas in it!!! It would also let me re-watch all of my favorite Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan movies!

Of all the books you’ve written so far, your heart must be swimming with love for all your characters. Is there one that stands out that gets maybe a little bit extra love? If so why?

In the past I’ve always had a soft spot for my secondary characters, such as Candice from Zombie Queen of Newbury High and my three little troublesome fairies from Fairy Bad Day, but in my upcoming YA book, Demonosity I have a lot of secret love for the two main guys in it – Thomas and Travis. I really made them both suffer a lot but they both handled it exceptionally well and it was impossible for me not to love them. Plus, they both have scars and I’m a sucker for scars!

And lastly, how about a fun question? Being that it’s the scariest time of the year – Halloween – what’s your favorite?

Scary Book: the only scary book I have ever read is The Shining by Stephen King, which scared me so much that I’ve never read another scary book since!
Scary Movie: The Exorcist
Halloween Candy: M&M’s
Costume from Halloween’s Past: None! We don’t really do Halloween over here so I have never dressed up as anything and now I feel like I’m missing out. Perhaps I should do a zombie ninja costume? That would be cool!

Title: Zombie Queen of Newbury High
Author: Amanda Ashby
Publisher: Speak, 200 Pages (March 5th, 2009)
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Synopsis: Quiet, unpopular, non-cheerleading Mia is blissfully happy. She is dating super hot football god Rob, and he actually likes her and asked her to prom! Enter Samantha?cheerleading goddess and miss popularity? who starts making a move for Rob. With prom in a few days, Mia needs to act fast. So she turns to her best friend, Candice, and decides to do a love spell on Rob. Unfortunately, she ends up inflicting a zombie virus onto her whole class, making herself their leader! At first she is flattered that everyone is treating her like a queen. But then zombie hunter hottie Chase explains they are actually fattening her up, because in a few days, Mia will be the first course in their new diet. She?s sure she and Chase can figure something out, but she suggests that no one wear white to prom, because things could get very messy.

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How the Crossroads Tour Giveaway works

All the authors got together and decided, instead of each blog getting one or two titles to giveaway - they'd have a single grand prize - a real doozie. With that in mind each blogger is asked to encourage readers to answer the daily trivia/research question on the tour main page. (http://judithgraves.com/events/the-crossroads-tour/crossroads-2011/) At the end of the tour all answers have to be emailed to judithgraves@ymail.com by midnight on the 29th. 

So, it's your job, to head over to the mail tour page I've linked above, read the question and go find the answer in the posts for that day. Make sure you get your answers in by the deadline - October 29th at Midnight!

Entries will be put in a drawing and a winner chosen randomly.

And I bet you're wondering what the heck this amazing prize is? How about a FREE KINDLE PRELOADED with an eBOOK from each of the Crossroads authors???

The more questions you answer, the better, so be sure to check back each day!

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  1. I loved this interview: Loved how Amanda said you can get to the truth through fiction. I feel bad for the people who don't have Halloween...but you should all come to the US in October!

  2. What a great site you have here!! New GFC follower. Great interview! :)

    Christine x
    Rainy Day Reads

  3. Midnyte Reader - I agree! I would love to come over to the US and experience a proper Halloween (and so would my kids - they are sugar monsters!!!)

    Christine - thank you!

  4. Great interview! I have this one on my tbr list. I can't wait to read it =) And I hope you do get a chance to experience a frightenly fun Halloween.



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