22 October 2012

The scariest thing that ever happened to me

About twenty years ago my great friend Katie was working in Costa Rica for a year and asked me if I’d like to meet her in Guatemala on her way home. I was living in New York at the time and jumped at the chance. We met in Antigua and chose as our first adventure a guided hike up to the top of a local volcano. We boarded the van and were asked to sign a release, saying that they were not responsible if we got murdered or kidnapped or slipped and fell into the hot lava. Prone to signing stuff people hand me, I just did.

I ask you: what could possibly go wrong?

The van parked about half way up the mountain and our hike began. I caught up with the guide and asked about the whole “muerte” thing. He assured me that all of the murders in these mountains had been people wandering off on their own. As long as we stayed in a group, we’d be fine. Well, about 15 minutes later my intestines waged a rebellion the likes of which Montezuma himself has never seen. I was completely incapable of continuing… forcing Katie and me to make our way back to the van. Alone.

As we got to the van, it started to get dark. And the darker it got, the more scared we were. I apologized to Katie for putting her in muerte’s way. I made a silent promise to leave my intestines in New York City where they belonged if I ever got out of this alive. All around us was complete darkness, but after a while our eyes adjusted and we could make out the face of a man in the window, staring at us. We screamed, movie-style, until he left. Katie and I held hands as we waited for him to come back, maybe with his friends and maybe with machetes or whatever Guatemalan mountain men were known to murder people with.

They never came back, and we lived to tell the tale. Oddly, Katie’s never invited me on vacation since.

Hope you thought that was as scary as I did. Next year I’m going to tell you about the time my whole family got lice. Talk about terror.

Title: A Girl Named Digit (Digit, #1)
Author: Annabel Monaghan
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 192 Pages (June 5th, 2012)
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Synopsis: Farrah "Digit" Higgins may be going to MIT in the fall, but this  L.A. high school genius  has left her geek self behind in another school district so she can blend in with the popular crowd at Santa Monica High and actually enjoy her senior year. But when Farrah, the daughter of a UCLA math professor, unknowingly cracks a terrorist group's number sequence, her laid-back senior year gets a lot more interesting. Soon she is personally investigating the case, on the run from terrorists, and faking her own kidnapping-- all while trying to convince a young, hot FBI agent to take her seriously. So much for blending in . . .

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Annabel, from one of your FAVORITE stalkers, THANK YOU for being part of this years Haunted Halloween!! And, your story, way, WAY too creepy for words. Seriously, I would have freaked out. Also, thanks for donating the book and bumper stickers! You rock lady!

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  1. Ewwww....I loathe lice!!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  2. Ooh, this one sounds really good! I was a total math geek in high school. :)


  3. Heheh! Cute title!


  4. Digit... what an interesting name! I think I would hate my parents if they named me somethig like that. I am very happy with "Alyssa" :D I am totally a math geek. I'm not applying to MIT, because I don't want to go that far up north, but yeah, math and science, that's me!!! :)


  5. thanks for a fun post and congrats to Annabel on the new release!


  6. I would have freaked out at the face in the window. Glad you both made it home okay.


  7. Lol - well, that's why they call it Montezuma's *Revenge*, and yeah - sounds exactly what my intestines like to do under stressful situations ;P
    Mary DeBorde M.A.D.
    zenrei57 (at) hotmail dot com

  8. I think I would of completely lost it!

    Digit sounds great...I would have never guesed what it was about based on the title.

    mmafsmith AT gmail DOT com

  9. Interesting story! I haven't heard of this book before, so thanks for getting it on my radar!


  10. OMG I would had hot wired that van and booked it out of there The Fast And The Furious style!! Sucks that your friend hasn't invited you on any more vacation trips, but glad you survived your first one =)



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