27 October 2010

The post you are about to read is 100 % **Role Play

All the characters represented here (please see the list of all Role Players provided below) with the exception of Jessica and myself are **Role Players from a group on twitter. They have agreed to role play with us to help celebrate not only our Halloween Event, but also to help share our love for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by author J.R. Ward, as these Role Players are also huge fans of J.R. Ward's works.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT NO ONE with this site/blog, Jessica’s site/blog nor the role-playing group - which you can find with the list of twitter accounts provided - is in any way, shape or form connected to or affiliated with J.R. Ward. No one present or represented here is J.R. Ward, nor is the role playing intended for any purpose other than the personal enjoyment of the Role Players involved.

Warning: This story contains mature and adult themes.

L/J: *nervously speaking* Wrath, Beth… everyone – thanks so much for having us. We’re excited that you agreed to let us visit with you. We hope you don’t mind us just throwing out questions while we’re here?

@FritzDoggen_BDB: Would you care for some refreshments? *holds out tray of wine and crepes*

L: Thank you @FritzDoggen_BDB *takes a glass of wine*
J: *takes a crepe* Wow, Fritz these are amazing. You are a wonderful chef. Thank you.

@FritzDoggen_BDB: *smiles brightly* You are too kind.
@Wrath_BDB: *studying the Monopoly board, but briefly stopping to nod once at the humans, then taking a crepe.*
@BethR_BDB: We’re happy to have you.
@Rhage_BDB: *smiles* We love to talk about ourselves.
@Phury_BDB: *laughing* Well, @Rhage_BDB loves talking about himself, anyway.
@Butch_BDB: *shakes head* Nah, babe. Have at it.
@Rehvenge_BDB: *glances up from Monopoly board which I am pulling a Trump on and nods briefly, not wanting to miss @Zsadist_BDB’s trip to jail*
@Zsadist_BDB: *gives a quick nod, directs attention back down to board, eyes turning black, growling at @Rehvenge_BDB, before moving thimble to jail*
@DocJaneW_BDB: *Looking up from the plans, smiling* It's good to have you.
@Vishous_BDB: *pulls down Red Sox cap and nods*
@Tohrment_BDB: *taking a deep breath* Ready as I'm ever gonna be.
@BellaR_BDB: *glances up from Nalla, who is playing with her hair and smiles* Not at all! Ask away.
@MarissaH_BDB: *smiles warmly* We’re happy to have you here.
@CormiaC_BDB: Yes, it’s lovely to meet some new people.
@Lassiter_BDB: *glowing* Ask away. I know how fascinating I can be.
@Vishous_BDB: Oh great, who invited the loud mouth?
@Wrath_BDB: *groans* Sure as hell wasn’t me.
@Blaylock_BDB: *smiles* I would be happy to answer your questions, thank you for coming.
@Qhuinn_BDB: *gives L and J a lingering up-and-down look and a smile* The pleasure is all mine ladies...ask away.

L: *smiles* so, how is everyone?

@Wrath_BDB: *forgetting all about @Lassiter_BDB being here and glancing over at @BethR_BDB on the floor, playing with Nalla* We’re great.
@BethR_BDB: We are doing great, thanks for asking.
@Butch_BDB: Great thanks.
@Rhage_BDB: *looks at @MaryL_BDB* Great.
@Vishous_BDB: *lights up a hand rolled*
@Lassiter_BDB: I’m great. There’s a Mary Tyler Moore marathon on.
@Phury_BDB: *looks around at everyone, smiling* I’m with the Cop. Doing great.
@Tohrment_BDB: *running my hand over my head* Just getting my bearings again, but better than I've been in a long while.
@MarissaH_BDB: I’m quite well this evening. Thank you.
@CormiaC_BDB: *looking up from plans for the medical center* Very well, thank you. I hope you are both well, also.
@BellaR_BDB: *smiling warmly* Very good, thank you. How are the two of you? *glances at both of you*
@DocJaneW_BDB: *beaming* I'm great, excited about the new plans. I apologize if I'm a bit preoccupied.
@Blaylock_BDB: *pausing our xbox game* I am doing great! Kicking @Qhuinn_BDB’s butt at the moment. *laughs and ducks away from Qhuinn as he tries to punch me, but only grazes my arm*
@Qhuinn_BDB: I’ll be a helluva lot better after a few shots of Herradurra. Hey, @FritzDoggen_BDB, would you mind bringing me some limes and salt?
@FritzDoggen_BDB: *nods and leaves to find limes and salt*

L: I’m great thanks – really excited to be here with everyone. *looks up at everyone around the room*
J: Yeah, we’re both really excited to be here. We’ve been so busy planning this Halloween event that it’s great to take this time away to hang out with everyone. *small smile* Oh, I know something that I’ve wanted to know… What’s the hardest part about living so close together?

@Wrath_BDB: The lack of privacy. *grins towards @BethR_BDB*
@Rehvenge_BDB: *feels overwhelming gratitude to NOT live here*
@Zsadist_BDB: Keeping people out of your shi..I mean biz.
@Butch_BDB: *laughs* I take it you haven’t smelled the gym. You’d never ask that if you have. These bastards stink.

L: *wrinkles my nose*

@Butch_BDB: *laughs* Yeah, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.
@Vishous_BDB: Getting to the food before Rhage eats it all. *nods head to Butch* His snoring. Wondering why the sin eater and that one *points @Lassiter_BDB* are always here.
@Butch_BDB: Hey man, you can’t possibly hear me snoring through the walls.
@Vishous_BDB: I have vampire hearing. I hear everything.
@Rhage_BDB: *glares at V* Hey there is plenty of food left for you. Sometimes.
@Phury_BDB: It’s not really a problem for me anymore. *looks over at @CormiaC_BDB, smiles* But I’d agree with @Vishous_BDB - trying to wrangle the food away from @Rhage_BDB was always a challenge.
@MaryL_BDB: I don’t mind the closeness, though sometimes the wild games of football make it tough for us to get alone time with our boys.
@Tohrment_BDB: *Doesn't answer*
@BellaR_BDB: *rolling eyes at @Zsadist_BDB’s answer* I think privacy is the biggest challenge. You have none living together.
@BethR_BDB: Sometimes it can be overwhelming, but it’s a large place so it isn’t too hard to find a private space. *smiles @Wrath_BDB*
@MarissaH_BDB: *smiling* I wouldn’t be anywhere else. I found friends and family here and a new purpose.. *meets @Butch_BDB’s eyes, seeing his pride in me*
@DocJaneW_BDB: I love it here but I'm looking forward to all the time I'll be spending at the clinic once it opens.
@CormiaC_BDB: *smiles@Phury_BDB* Everyone was wonderful to me when I stayed here.
@Lassiter_BDB: *points @Vishous_BDB* Him.
@Blaylock_BDB: I really enjoy having @John_MatthewBDB and @Qhuinn_BDB so close, but at times it is hard to live with Qhuinn, if you know what I mean. *blushes*
@Qhuinn_BDB: I guess it can be a pain if I want some privacy. Sure, we can go to the gym and hit the treadmill, but the house is pretty full. There’s always someone around.

L: But, really would any of you have it any other way?

@Butch_BDB: Nope.
@Zsadist_BDB: No.
@Vishous_BDB: S’all good.
@Butch_BDB: Even with my snoring, man?
@Vishous_BDB: Yeah. Even with.
@Rhage_BDB: Not at all.
@Phury_BDB: I sometimes miss being here every day with the Brothers, but I wouldn’t trade my life with Cormia and having the Chosen with us...
@CormiaC_BDB: I think I’m right where I am meant to be…
@Tohrment_BDB: *Thinks back to when it was just me with Wellsie, in our house and I decide not to answer, again*
@Wrath_BDB: *watching Tohr’s internal turmoil shine in his eyes, then glancing around to all the brothers and their shellans* This is how it should be.
@MaryL_BDB: I wouldn’t change it. I grew up an only child. I enjoy the company.
@MarissaH_BDB: *shakes head* Absolutely not.
@FritzDoggen_BDB: *smiles, pleased the house is full. Wishing @DariusBDB could see it*
@BethR_BDB: At first I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, to be honest. But, I also knew that it was the right decision. Don’t get me wrong, it can be frustrating, and I don’t always have @Wrath_BDB’s undivided attention as often as I’d like…but it feels right to have everyone here.
@Lassiter_BDB: PFFFT Hell yeah. *But really likes it here*

J: @Lassiter_BDB – Well, what has been the biggest difference for you since being around all the brothers and their shellans?

@Lassiter_BDB: I’m used to being alone so this many people is a huge difference. And having to put up with his mouth *points at @Vishous_BDB*
@Blaylock_BDB: I would not change a thing!
@Qhuinn_BDB: *nods at @Blaylock_BDB* I’m with him. Wouldn’t change it!

J: And how about With Halloween coming up, any plans for the holiday?

@Vishous_BDB: I am trying to get Jane to wear a hot nurse outfit. *winks @DocJaneW_BDB*
@Rhage_BDB: I may let the beast out and take all the tootsie pops from kids that are too old to be trick or treating.

L: *thinking how I’ve never been able to look at a tootsie pop the same since reading their stories*

@MaryL_BDB: @Rhage_BDB! You wouldn’t! I guess I’ll be spending Halloween keeping @Rhage_BDB too busy to steal candy. *blushes*
@Tohrment_BDB: *shakes head* Can't say I've thought about it.
@Wrath_BDB: Beth wants to hand candy out, so we’ll head back to the house in town for Halloween night.
@BethR_BDB: I look forward to handing out candy…and trying not to eat all of it myself. *laughs*
@Lassiter_BDB: I’m with @Tohrment_BDB on this one.
@Qhuinn_BDB: *cocks head to the side* Am I too old to dress up and go trick-or-treating?

J: @Qhuinn_BDB - No, not at all! What would you dress up as??

@Blaylock_BDB: Well, Q, you could go as Frankenstein with all that metal, but you might scare all the kids.
@Qhuinn_BDB: The last thing @Wrath_BDB needs is a flock of hysterical human females following us home.

L: Yes, but a more important question… Will any of you be helping Fritz carve pumpkins?

@Vishous_BDB: Yeah. For Nalla.
@Wrath_BDB: *nods in agreement, and shaking the dice for my turn*
@Rhage_BDB: Yeah, for Nalla. *smiles at Nalla*
@Tohrment_BDB: Of course, for Nalla. *Reflects on difficult memories before shaking it off*
@BellaR_BDB: *laughs* Nalla’s going to have several pumpkins carved for her by these males! *looks at Nalla, smiles*
@MaryL_BDB: I better be included in the pumpkin carving.
@DocJaneW_BDB: I'm pretty wicked with a knife, it would be a shame not to. And of course I will add to the Nalla collection *laughs*
@FritzDoggen_BDB: *smiles*
@BethR_BDB: I can’t wait! I even made sure to get little Nalla-sized pumpkins to decorate. *smiling warmly*
@Blaylock_BDB: *laughs* I will give anything a go for Nalla.
@Qhuinn_BDB: I think pumpkin carving sounds like fun! Maybe I could pierce it, or give it a few tats? *smiles*

L: I mean come on, you each have skills with knives, I’m sure you’d come up with something creative when it comes to carving pumpkins! What about you @Phury_BDB? You’re extremely artistic from what I’ve read… I think you’d have a knack for carving?

@Vishous_BDB: I know I do, true?
@Rhage_BDB: Not as good as mine.
@Phury_BDB: And neither of your skills are actually as good as your egos lead you to believe. *laughs* But, yes, I’m sure I’ll be trying to carve some pumpkins for Nalla. And I’m sure @CormiaC_BDB will design something as well...and the Chosen will probably want to help...*cringes, thinking of the mess*
@Wrath_BDB: *rolls snake eyes which lands me on Marvin Gardens and I buy it*
@Tohrment_BDB: Not gonna lie, I'm better when I'm aiming a gun, but my knife skills are on point.

J: @BellaR_BDB and @Zsadist_BDB, any plans for Halloween for Nalla?

@Rehvenge_BDB: *an uncharacteristic smile lighting my face at the mere mention of my niece*
@Zsadist_BDB: *looks over at @BellaR_BDB*
@BellaR_BDB: *grins and glances at @Zsadist_BDB* I want to dress her up. I’m trying to decide between a princess and a punk rocker.
@Vishous_BDB: I vote for punk rocker.
@Lassiter_BDB: Oh you should dress her up like a little Mary Tyler Moore!
@Rhage_BDB: We could get her a little dragon costume and she can look like me.
@MarissaH_BDB: I think Nalla would make a wonderful princess.

L: Well, if I had a vote, I’d say Punk Rocker, because Nalla sounds like she’s a princess everyday. *smiling while looking at Nalla and feeling the love swell in the room*

@BellaR_BDB: *grin widening* I’m leaning toward the punk rocker, too. Maybe with a little mohawk like her Uncle. *glancing at @Zsadist_BDB and @Rehvenge_BDB, seeing matching expressions of disapproval…and laughing*

J: Well, if I had a vote I’d say the best of both worlds – a Punk Rock Princess. *giggles* Maybe we could set up a play date sometime for Nalla and my little girl? *laughs* M already thinks she’s a vampire, and I have no idea where she got that idea from! *smiling*

@BellaR_BDB: That would be nice! Nalla needs to be around other young.

L: Okay… I’m sorry, enough with the Halloween talk… can I ask about scary movies at least? I know your movie watchers, so you have to have a favorite? For me, I’ll never be able to watch Poltergeist again ever since I saw it when I was I think 11 or 12. Nor will I ever be able to sleep with the closet door open again….. *trails off and looks up for answers*

@Vishous_BDB: I love that sh- stuff. I love the Halloween, the Freddy were pretty imaginative, true?
@DocJaneW_BDB: *smiling at @Vishous_BDB* I'm with him, blood doesn't scare me. Though I like comedy based “horror” too – like Beetlejuice.
@Rehvenge_BDB: *shudders* Any movie with spiders or scorpions creeps me the fu…I really can’t stomach those movies anymore.
@Rhage_BDB: Yeah I love all of it. @MaryL_BDB hates it.
@Tohrment_BDB: That Buried movie that's coming out looks pretty intense. Might have to check it. I like to watch people fleeing the likes of Godzilla the best, though *chuckles*

L: @Tohrment_BDB – yeah, that Buried movie is one I really want to see. As for Godzilla, we’re talking Godzilla vs. Mothra originals right? What did you think of the remake?

@Tohrment_BDB: *Furrows brow*Remakes are for people with no original ideas, know what I'm sayin? There's no excuse for messing with perfection.
@BethR_BDB: *laughs along with @Tohrment_BDB* I always cheer for the monster.
@Wrath_BDB: *raises a brow* Tohr, how many times have you seen Godzilla? Seriously, man. I’m going to send you to Bad Horror Flicks Anonymous soon.
@Tohrment_BDB: Hey, it's a good flick. Besides, Bad Horror Flicks Anonymous shut down for lack of membership *grins @Wrath_BDB*.

L: @Wrath_BDB actually, bad horror movies are the best! I’m all about those horrible B movies *says a little too excitedly*

@Wrath_BDB: *shakes head* To each his own. You and Tohr should have a movie night sometime. *Nods towards the hallway* We have a movie theater in here. He’d be a lot less cranky with Lassy off his ass.
@BellaR_BDB: *shudders* I’m not a scary movie fan. Comedies are more my style.
@Lassiter_BDB: I like movies with more style.
@Butch_BDB: Seems like Twilight would be right up your alley. They sparkle, you glow…you’re kinda like cousins. *glances over at @Vishous_BDB winking*
@Phury_BDB: *looks @Lassiter_BDB* Is that what you call the Lifetime Women’s movies you and @Rhage_BDB watch?

J: Hey, nothing wrong with Lifetime. They have some good stuff!
L: *trying to picture @Rhage_BDB and @Lassiter_BDB passing a tissue box back and forth. Nope, can't see it.*

@Rhage_BDB: I do not watch that crap!
@MaryL_BDB: Scary movies aren’t my thing, though I did see a great foreign vampire film, Let the Right One In. Subtitles and everything. A little too cerebral for @Rhage_BDB . Love you baby. *winks*
@CormiaC_BDB: I’ve not really watched any of the scary movies, but I have found I rather like some of the movies with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn.

L: @CormiaC_BDB – Have you seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

@CormiaC_BDB: No I haven’t seen that movie yet. Is it an enjoyable film? If so, we’ll have to watch it.

L: Speaking of movies, did any of you see Twilight? Or what about that other movie… what’s it called Jessica?
J: Vampires Suck?
L: Yeah… *laughing* that one?

@Rehvenge_BDB: *shaking head in disgust*
@Zsadist_BDB: *growls*
@Wrath_BDB: I’m not a big movie watcher, but I hear the Cop likes that Twilight one.
@Butch_BDB: *groans* Oh man, I knew that would come up….
@Vishous_BDB: *grins* Oh yeah, the cop here loves to watch Twilight. Caught him watching one day when he thought I was asleep. And we all know @Rhage_BDB wishes he would sparkle.
@Rhage_BDB: *rolls eyes* Says the vampire that doubles as a night light.
@Phury_BDB: V, Did the t-shirts not arrive yet for @Butch_BDB and @Rhage_BDB? The ones that say “I love sparkly vamps”?
@Lassiter_BDB: Nothing wrong with a little sparkle. *smiles*
@Butch_BDB: *laughs* You’d fit right in with the Veggie Vamps, Lassy.
@Tohrment_BDB: *shrugs* Never even heard of it.
@MaryL_BDB: Oh no. I’ve heard the jokes, got to hear all about the kitchen fight, but Twilight not my cup of tea.
@DocJaneW_BDB: *sarcastically* Fate...destiny...who believes in that? *laughs* Either way, I think I'd lose my bad ass bitch card, if I watched that one.
@Qhuinn_BDB: Twi-what? *shakes head, laughing* No way, not happening.
@BethR_BDB: I found a t-shirt that said “I <3 Boys who sparkle” but @Wrath_BDB didn’t see the humor in it. *chuckling at the memory*
@Wrath_BDB: That’s because I’m not a boy nor do I sparkle, leelan. *smirks*
@BellaR_BDB: *laughing* I’ve seen Twilight. I’m a vamp girl!
@Blaylock_BDB: *Dropping my head and blushing* I have seen the Twilight movies and really liked them.

J: Um, is this the wrong time to say that I’m ummm…. Team Werewolf??

@Tohrment_BDB: *grins*No worries, can't be jealous of something that only exists on the big screen and in fairytales.
@Butch_BDB: *shaking my head* Team Werewolf? *laughs and then remembers I used to laugh at the thought of vampires…*
@DocJaneW_BDB: *Thinking to myself that it would be a fascinating species to study, if they were real, before refocusing on the plans*

Check back in tomorrow night for part two!

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Thank you so much to all the characters from the Black Dagger Brotherhood Twitter Role Play group for all the time and effort they have been putting in to help us celebrate not only Halloween and our event, but also our love for all that is the Brotherhood and J.R. Ward.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email and ask. You can find my email address located top right of this page.

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**Role Play

–verb (used with object)
1. to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of (another), esp. in a make-believe situation in an effort to understand a differing point of view or social interaction: Management trainees were given a chance to role-play labor negotiators.
2. to experiment with or experience (a situation or viewpoint) by playing a role: trainees role-playing management positions.
–verb (used without object)
3. to engage in role-playing.

Interview by Lisa (L) & Jessica (J)

All who are attending?

Playing Pool are Vishous_BDB & @Tohrment_BDB with @Butch_BDB and @Rhage_BDB playing next.
Playing Monopoly are @Rehvenge_BDB, @Zsadist_BDB, @Wrath_BDB, @Phury_BDB, and Jessica and I.
@BellaR_BDB and @BethR_BDB are playing with Nalla.
@DocJaneW_BDB, @MaryL_BDB, @CormiaC_BDB, @EhlenaA_BDB, and @MarissaH_BDB are looking over more plans for the medical facility while waiting for a shellan monopoly. It is much calmer. No daggers.
@John_MatthewBDB and @Xhex_BDB come in later, still in honeymoon phase they are… looking happy.
@Qhuinn_BDB and @Blaylock_BDB are playing Xbox.
@Lassiter_BDB flutters from group to group inputting his two cents.
@FritzDoggen_BDB serving crepes and drinks.

*I am not compensated at all for any of the links within this page.

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