24 October 2010

The post you are about to read is 100 % **Role Play

All the characters represented here (@Rehvenge_BDB, @BellaR_BDB, @Xhex_BDB, @Trez_BDB, @iAm_BDB, @EhlenA_BDB) with the exception of Jessica and myself are **Role Players from a group on twitter. They have agreed to role play with us to help celebrate not only our Halloween Event, but also to help share our love for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by author J.R. Ward, as these Role Players are also huge fans of J.R. Ward's works.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT NO ONE with this site/blog, Jessica’s site/blog nor the role-playing group - which you can find with the list of twitter accounts provided - is in any way, shape or form connected to or affiliated with J.R. Ward. No one present or represented here is J.R. Ward, nor is the role playing intended for any purpose other than the personal enjoyment of the Role Players involved.

Warning: This story contains mature and adult themes.

The Guards
By: @Rehvenge_BDB

        The king’s words were both ominous and prophetic. They woke me from the trance I seemed to be immersed in as the scene up there in the colony unfolded before my eyes. In the split seconds before the lights went out I felt everything…the breeze on my skin, the porch beneath my feet, the whip thin body of the bitch in my steely arms. The dopamine in my system had run its course. So when instinct had me turning to look behind myself and the struggling princess, my body actually stiffened in preparation of some unknown pain about to be delivered and received. But that did not matter. The moment my eyes caught the symphath’s proximity, I knew that I would not be able to escape what was to be my destiny. But no matter…I did come here to die after all.

        The hilt of the symphath’s sword hit the top of my skull with an impact that should have registered on the Richter scale. Or at least that is what I likened it to in that flash of a moment. And there was, in fact, pain…wonderful, welcome, blissful, if-I-wasn’t-a-vampire-I’d-shit-myself pain. Unfortunately, there was no time to savor it, to embrace it with my now-dominant symphath side. Before one full second had past, it was light’s out.

        Consciousness greeted me sometime later. It came upon me like when you actually try to tune in an AM station on your Onkyo receiver. Nobody listens to that shit. And my brain didn’t want to listen to life yet either. The light pulsing behind my eyelids was…red? About the time I was identifying this primary color, the perfect storm of senses hit. I was definitely seeing red. The smell I was picking up was earthy…clean and damp. There was a nauseating burning pain in both my skull and my shoulders. And there was a whispering. Not voices, but a low dry rustle. I lifted the heaviest of lids…blinked a few feeble times…and then focused.

        Blood-red candlelight illuminated a cave with earthen walls covered in a smooth flowing liquid. Squinting for a moment in hazy disbelief…the flaring my eyes wide. It was no liquid that I was seeing coating the walls, but thousands upon thousands of tiny dark undulating bodies! Taking a quick shuddering breath and darting my amethyst eyes down to take stock of my body. Thankfully, I did not see those horrific masses on my completely bared skin. I glanced up quickly to see why it was my feet hovered above the crawling spiders and scorpions. Chains snaked down from overhead, suspending me by bars that were inserted into my torso underneath my shoulders. Hence the screaming fiery pain he was feeling there. This was to be his prison…where it would all end? And these vermin were to be his guard? I glanced again at the walls and floor that were shimmering and rolling along…feeling a flicker of panic shake hands with the pain.

        I closed my eyes again, using the symphath in me feel around, seeking others of my kind. But I was met with a solid wall of static. My tiny yet innumerous prison wards had formed a barrier between me and, well, anything or anyone else. A seething anger gripped my gut and I reached a hand to pull at the mechanism going through the opposite shoulder. My muscles bulged and my body began to tremble with the pain as I yanked with all my limited strength…to no avail. The chains rattled as I flopped back into my hanging slack position. It was then my uncle, the symphath king, decided to grace me with his deplorable and horrific presence. His visit was brief but his words would have the longevity of lifetime. I was a half-breed, a blight on the symphath heritage. And he had loathed his brother, my father whom I had slain. Add those things to the fact that I had been blackmailed into fucking the princess for the last quarter century and you would find me in one helluva lose/lose situation. I wasn’t getting out of here. His abrupt departure was quite indicative in itself. As was the last flickering moment of candlelight before there was darkness.

        I grew a little unhinged then, despite the pain which was truly clamoring for attention. The uninterrupted darkness was maddening enough. But the knowledge that the cave was covered in blankets of venomous creepy crawling shit in addition to the utter blackness was so very not good. Not. Good. The chains that suspended me gave a little shiver then. I barely noticed it at first. But the trembling began to grow and I felt my stomach clench and my breath catch. Oh hell NO! I could not see them come for me…but I could damn sure feel them. The first few spiders to reach me caused me to jerk in shock. It was the tiniest of tickles on my shoulders followed by what felt like a faint breeze ruffling my Mohawk. But it was no breeze.

        The barrage of spiders, scorpions, and who knows what else began to race across ever inch of my flesh. My hands flicked and snatched at them as quick as I could, knocking them from my skin. My efforts were entirely and ridiculously futile. Their tiny legs scrabbled over the sensitive skin of my sides and stomach. They rolled down my thighs to my toes and spread across my arms to the very tips of my fingers. But when they launched upward over my neck and scurried up to my face, true panic set in. They teased at my nose, my ears. I wanted to bellow in rage and yes, even fright, but could not for fear of swallowing them. So I pressed my lips tightly together and squelched a low damn near petrified moan.

        For long moments I held my breath, sending out frantic attempts to probe at the thousands upon thousands of tiny minds. But eventually, self-preservation won over panic. I took a slight shallow breath through my nose…and was not invaded there. My breaths were choppy then, so focused on the multitude of head to toe vermin, but at least I had air. I tried to calm by focusing on something, anything to keep from be overwhelmed in the panic raking its talons over my senses. What my mind latched on to was enough to make me climb out of my skin, which would not be so bad right now. I thought of those billions of tiny legs, how it seemed I could feel the most minuscule hairs on them. I felt how the scorpions’ legs were thicker and harder than those of the spiders’. They seemed like little fingernails scratching at my flesh. Another shudder ran through the length of my body causing the chains to rattle and the bar to tear at the flesh of my shoulders.

        It seemed like hours had passed when reality would have revealed only a few minutes of time. I was totally encompassed in a cocoon of hellish little creatures. After the initial panic had paid its dues, my mind turned to my fate. I had come to here to die. But no normal mind was even capable of dreaming up an end like this. To be bitten and stung to death? I paused in my barely sane reflections. But wait! Though the scrabbling and scrambling of my thousands of guards over my flesh was maddening, I had yet to feel one pinch of a bite nor the burn and possibly deadly sting of a scorpion. I had nearly died several times after the visits with the bitch princess and her venom covered body Why? Surely I was not reaching them with my thoughts when all I met with was hazy static. I waited for it, my body going still. My ratcheting shallow breaths were annoyingly audible over the din of the tiny flutters and clicks of my roomies. Nothing. I sagged a bit in hopeful relief. So perhaps it would not be a painful horrifying death. But then again, would that be better than losing my already beleaguered mind to the feel of the masses swarming over me for what was most assuredly to be endless days, weeks, hell…YEARS?

        The first day was given to obvious panic and mind-numbing repetitive questions. After a few days, I stopped reflexively brushing at my new skin of live vermin. They were not leaving me. They were weighing me down, the metal going through my flesh tearing more as they formed new layers over my skin. The pain there had gone from terrible and sharp to a numb burning. My mind had left me several times, so I thought, only to arrive back and place me in abject misery. By the end of that first week I could actually say I grew used to my thousands of prison guards. But not in the way you may think. It was more of a coming to terms…the knowing that this was my new skin. A terrifying, horrific new skin.

        Somewhere between what was probably between two and three weeks of hanging in that cursed cave, I simply shut down. I was going nowhere. Though I may not die by a body riddled and polluted by mass quantities of venom, I would no less than rot here. I wanted to. There was nothing to keep me going. Bella thought me dead as I wanted her to believe. Xhex, Trez, iAm…they all knew that my wish was to be here…to die here. And Ehlena was nothing more than a beautiful, heart-wrenching dream. I had thought of her often during my lucid moments…and even in my dreams when I slipped into uneasy oblivion. She was…gloriously free. And I was dead. I wondered vaguely what hell would be like. This seemed like it to me. But knowing what I had done with my life, the lives that I had taken, I knew it would get worse. There would be no Fade for me. My last conscious thought was of Ehlena’s luminous eyes staring up at me with pleasure and somehow…the ultimate gift…love.

        Until I heard her voice…

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I have to give a HUGE Thank You to @Rehvenge_BDB not only for his story, but for making each of the stories we've posted throughout the month possible. If not for him none of this would have happen. @Rehvenge_BDB, Thank you and I owe you one. Also, I can't forget to say thank you and all the other characters from the Black Dagger Brotherhood Twitter Role Play group for all the time and effort they have been putting in to help us celebrate not only Halloween and our event, but also our love for all that is the Brotherhood and J.R. Ward.

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**Role Play

–verb (used with object)
1. to assume the attitudes, actions, and discourse of (another), esp. in a make-believe situation in an effort to understand a differing point of view or social interaction: Management trainees were given a chance to role-play labor negotiators.
2. to experiment with or experience (a situation or viewpoint) by playing a role: trainees role-playing management positions.
–verb (used without object)
3. to engage in role-playing.

*I am not compensated at all for any of the links within this page.

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  1. Good story! Haven't read anything from this series, but still entertaining!!


  2. ::shudders:: I really hate vermin. I couldn't imagine being in this position at all. Great story!

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  7. These roleplays have been really fun!


  8. a fun, entertaining read.


  9. Having no real knowledge about the BDB world, this story is all kinds of confusing for me. But I liked it anyway. The BDB world seems complex and full of many different creatures. Great job!


  10. That was some great roleplay.
    One of my favorite things to read online.

  11. Great story!


    Ashley's Bookshelf

  12. That made my skin crawl. It was also quite sad. I felt sorry for him.

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  13. Oh my! I so love Rhevenge!! :) Thanks for another great halloween post!

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  14. I remember reading this part in Rehv's book. Pretty cool to see it from his perspective. Great role playing!


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  18. they are seriously good at this



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