08 August 2012

Welcome back to the second day this week we're hosting the always lovely Chelsea Fine. Today we were lucky enough to spend some time with her three main characters from her Archers of Avalon Trilogy. It's always fun getting to see characters from a book in a different light and today we have some fun questions for the trio - Scarlet, and the swoon-able twins - Tristan & Gabriel.

I know I enjoyed this one, what about you? Take a read and comment below!

For Tristan: I'm sure your emotions are all over the place when you see Scarlet. What is the hardest part for you?

TRISTAN: You mean aside from not being able to touch her? Because that part sucks. (clears throat) The hardest part is feeling her emotions. Not so much when she’s happy or angry, those emotions are evident just by looking at her. It’s the hidden emotions—the sadness, the fear, the desire…(clears throat again)—those are the feelings that make me feel helpless.

Can you show us your ...tattoo? Yes, I've seen it but I want to see it again!

TRISTAN: (takes shirt off)

TRISTAN: (puts shirt back on)

What are 3 of the biggest differences between you and Gabriel? 

TRISTAN: For starters, I have better taste in women.
GABRIEL: (looks baffled) What?
TRISTAN: (looks at Gabriel) You fell in love with a witch, dude.
GABRIEL: Well, you fell in love with a thief.
TRISTAN: (facing forward again) Reason number two that we’re different? I don’t make rash, impulsive decisions.
GABRIEL: Says the guy who was on a suicide mission for the last few years.
TRISTAN: Shut up.
GABRIEL: You shut up.
TRISTAN: (flexes jaw) Reason three. I don’t interrupt other people’s interview questions.
GABRIEL: (rolls eyes)

Gabriel, same question for you… what are 3 of the biggest differences between you and Tristan?

GABRIEL: One. I’m pleasant, Tristan’s moody. Two. My blood doesn’t kill Scarlet. Therefore, I’m safe for her to be around. Unlike my brother (points to Tristan) who is, literally, the death of her, yet can’t seem to keep himself away from her.
TRISTAN: (glares at Gabriel)
GABRIEL: And three. I’m a better archer.
TRISTAN: (rolls eyes) Oh, please.
GABRIEL: (looks at his twin) I thought you didn’t interrupt other people’s interview questions.
TRISTAN: I do when their answer is a complete lie.
GABRIEL: I’m an awesome archer.
TRISTAN: When’s the last time you even shot an arrow?
GABRIEL: Just because I don’t hang out in the back yard shooting arrows to ease my tormented and oh-so-broody soul doesn’t mean I’m not a better shot than you.
TRISTAN: Yes. (makes an incredulous face) It does.

Tristan and Gabriel, this is for both of you… if you could each spend a full 24 hours with Scarlet without anything to worry about. What would each of you do with that time?

GABRIEL: Picnic. No, wait. Swimming. No, wait. Bowling. (pauses) Heather wouldn’t be with us, right? Heather’s an obnoxious bowler. (thinks for a second) Picnic.
TRISTAN: (stares at Gabriel)
GABRIEL: What? Scarlet likes picnics. (shrugs) What would you do?
TRISTAN: (lifts an eyebrow) What would I do with Scarlet if there were no repercussions? (crosses arms in front of chest) I don’t think I need to verbalize my answer. But we definitely wouldn’t be picnicking.

How about a question for all three of you – Scarlet, Tristan & Gabriel? Could you describe each other in 3-5 words?

SCARLET: Gabriel is protective, loyal and optimistic.
GABRIEL: (smiles)
SCARLET: And Tristan is patient, selfless and fearless. Your turn, Gabriel.
GABRIEL: Tristan is negative and ruthless.
SCARLET: (raises an eyebrow at Gabriel)
GABRIEL: (clears throat) He’s also a decent fighter.
SCARLET: (looks at Tristan, waiting)
TRISTAN: Gabriel is naïve. And far-too-happy for a cursed guy. (inhales) But he knows how to protect something he loves.
GABRIEL: And Scarlet (looks at Scarlet) is smart. And loving. And she never gives up.
TRISTAN: Scarlet is fierce. And frustrating. (blinks) And absolutely worth dying for.

And lastly, another question for all three of you… how do you feel about your story being told and everyone out there watching how it’s unfolding?

GABRIEL: (grins) I think it’s great.
TRISTAN: I think it’s weird. (frowns) And I don’t know why everyone feels sorry for me. I’m fine. Really.
SCARLET: I think it’s good for people to realize how precious life is. Life is fleeting and the things that truly make our time worthwhile—like love and passion and friendship and loyalty—those are the things we should cling to. I hope our story encourages people to live deliberately.
TRISTAN: (looks at the floor and smiles)

Chelsea, Scarlet, Tristan & Gabriel - thanks so much for being part of our first ever Blogger Talk: Novel Exposed – Indie & Small Press month. It’s always a pleasure to have you here with us and you are all more than welcome back anytime, so don’t be a stranger!

Be sure to check back later this week for more from Chelsea Fine!!

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  1. Love the archers if avalon!!
    Chelsea Fine rocks!
    And thus interview was perfect

  2. Geesh, Tristen gives good interview!!!!! Um, I mean ALL of them were great. Gah! *fans self* that. was. awesome. "I don't know why everyone feels so sorry for me." hahaha! great line! thank you, Chels!!!

  3. OMG I freak'n love this interview!!! I love U Tristan!! WOOT WOOT can't wait for book 3

  4. Extremely entertaining! I found your blog by happenstance on Twitter, and without even reading your book, I found myself laughing & smiling along with this interview. Well done! From one Indie author to another, congrats on getting your book out there & I look forward to reading it.

    ~ Heather Dencker @ www.HeatherDencker.com

  5. I've been seeing these books around lately! It makes me want to buy them...I think I will next week. :)


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