11 May 2012

Title: Descended by Blood (Vampire Born, #1)
Author: Angeline Kace
Publisher: Accendo Press, 263 Pages (August 26th, 2011)
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Synopsis: Brooke Keller is a high school junior who has never spent much time living in one place. She is finally in a town long enough to almost snag the boy of her dreams, until her life is threatened after killing a fanged man in his attempt to kidnap her. Brooke begins a dangerous journey in an effort to find out who is after her and how to stop them. In a world with powerful and prejudiced vampires, Brooke must tap into the side of her that she never knew existed at the risk of losing her life in order to save it.

As some of you may know, Brooke has a decision to make between Mirko and Jaren. Her situation isn’t really favorable for the normal dating setup, but Mirko isn’t one to let that get in his way. Hope you enjoy. :) 

       Mirko met me outside my room when I was ready. “So, what do you have planned?” I asked. When I questioned him with how I should dress he suggested I wear something casual, comfortable, and black.
       His mischievous smile hinted at trouble, but I already knew that was part of his agenda. It’s not often your date tells you to wear black—well outside of the little-black-dress variety anyway. “You’ll see.” He loved to drive me crazy, and keeping me in the “unknown” was definitely a way to do it.
       I struck my foot out in front of him, but he stepped over it and swiveled around, picking me up and spinning with me in his arms. My laughter echoed down the massive hall. 
        “A real date, Slatki,” he said, putting me back on my feet. “Evidence that you don’t ever have to put your life on hold.” He tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “Not even when someone’s trying to kill you.” He pulled me close and hugged me tight.
       I knew he worried about me, but he still wanted me to have fun. And that was why he wanted to take me out on a date. Well, one of them anyway. I’d been sad about not being able to go out and do the things a normal girl my age could do, and Mirko promised me a night of all things a normal girl my age would do.
       I just hoped his idea and my idea were on the same page. He is a guy after all.
       “Wait,” Mirko said, stopping me before I could get into the car. “You have to put this on first.”
       “You have got to be kidding me,” I said, watching the blindfold dangle from his raised finger.
       “Not one bit.” He stepped closer to me and slid the material over my eyes, sending a shiver down my spine and heat swelling along my skin wherever he touched me. On second thought, the blindfold was a good idea.
       When he finished, he helped me get in the car and then we set out to...somewhere I didn’t know.
       Mirko could be stealthy, but when I wanted to know something, I could be too. “So how do you know what a normal girl likes to do?”
       “I asked Garwin.”
       I laughed. “Garwin’s pretty smart, but I’m not sure I’d ever go to him for dating advice.”
       “His idea seems ridiculous, but I Googled it and he seems to know what he’s talking about.”
       Restlessness stirred within me and I pulled on the outer sleeve of my sweater. I couldn’t wait to find out what Garwin suggested Mirko do with me on a date.
       “Is it far?” I asked.
       “The location doesn’t really matter.”
       What the heck does that mean? “Does it cost anything?”
       “Of course it costs something. Even the gas to drive there is a cost.”
       Crap. He was smooth. “Are there other people involved?”
       “No, just the two of us.”
       That narrowed it down. It couldn’t be a restaurant or teen hang out then. “Well, do you have to pay for us to get in?”
       Mirko chuckled. “No, but that doesn’t mean I’m a cheap date either. See, we already have the normal-teenage-girl thing down. Your game of 20 questions is perfect.”
       I smiled. “Did you Google that, too?”
       He grabbed my hand. “Yes. That was number twenty three.”
       I giggled. It probably was.
       The car slowed to a stop. Mirko pulled my hand up and his velvety lips brushed against my knuckles.          “Are you ready?”
       I wouldn’t mind him doing that some more, but I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to have us do.      “Yep.”
       He helped me out of the car and then walked me a few steps. He stopped me and then pulled the blind fold off with a swift and efficient tug.
       I starred ahead with what was probably a blank expression on my face. “Who lives here?” We stood in front of an average house on an average street. The lights were out inside, but even with the lights on, I still didn’t think I would recognize it.
       “I’m told that part doesn’t matter.” Mirko walked back to the car and when he turned around and showed me what was in his arms, I laughed so hard I bent over with my hands on my knees.
       “Toilet papering!?”
       He nodded. “We are going to mummify this house. And we’re going to do it the way a normal girl would. No Pijawikan speed, stealth, or strength.” He tossed the bag of toilet paper rolls and I caught it.
       “Ah, now would a normal girl have caught that?” His face squinted with mirth.
       I dropped the bag. “Probably not.”
       He grabbed another bag from the back seat and walked toward the house while tearing it open.
       I saw the house with new eyes. The trees, the porch, and the rosebushes were all a blank canvas waiting for me to toilet paper. I couldn’t even contain the excitement. Kaitlynn and I had always wanted to go toilet papering, but never actually did it.
       “If we get caught, I’m so telling them this was your idea.”
       Mirko chuckled. “I said you couldn’t use any Pijawikian abilities. As soon as I hear someone coming, I’m out of here.”
       I gasped. “You wouldn’t!”
       “I don’t know, Slatki. We are playing teenagers here, and I’m inclined to think that’s something a teenage boy would do. However,” he said and stalked toward me so close his breath tickled my face, “I’m not a teenage boy and there are a thousand other things I’d rather do with you than abandon you.”
       My mouth gaped open slightly. That was hot.
       His eyes left mine and met with my lips. The next thing I knew my bottom lip was caught between his teeth in a small bite. He pulled slightly and then glided my lip along his teeth as he released me.
       I leaned forward to capture his lips, but he withdrew. “Time to toilet paper.”

Be sure to come back in June to see Part TWO of the date between Brooke and Mirko!!

Angeline you are so amazing for doing this for me! You are simply fabulous for taking the time out to write this when I know things have been crazy for you. I can't thank you enough and you always know who to come to anytime you need anything. <3

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  1. HOLY HAWTNESS!!!! I love Mirko!! I can't wait for the book! I'm giddy and tingling after that little teaser.

  2. Oh, and I loved it so much i shared this on my blog too =)


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