28 October 2014

Title: Wanting Forever (Nelson Island)
Author: Diana Gardin
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing (October 7, 2014)
Genre:  New Adult Contemporary Romance
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NOTE: This is a "New Adult" novel. Due to mature content this title is recommended for ages 17+

Synopsis: Sometimes the one thing you want is exactly what you can't have.

For Sam Waters, it's Aston Hopewell. Talk about a girl out of his league. But he's just a hired hand, happy to keep his head down and work hard on her father's ranch. With a warrant out for his arrest, he can't afford trouble. 

Everyone thinks Aston's life is perfect, but she knows the truth: nothing is as it seems. The only one who gets that is Sam. He understands her in a way no one ever has. But even he won't tell her everything-until the night that changes their destiny forever . . . (70,000 words)

Author Interview:

Hi Diana! Welcome and thanks for taking the time to visit with me today about your latest book – Wanting Forever.

Hey, Lisa! Thanks so much for having me. I love A Life Bound By Books!

For those who haven’t heard about the book yet – Wanting Forever is a contemporary “New Adult” title about Sam Waters and Aston Hopewell. Can you tell readers… in your own words what their story is about?

Sure! WANTING FOREVER is about two people crossing paths who never expected to meet. They’re from two totally different worlds. In fact, Sam isn’t even supposed to be in Nelson Island, which is Aston’s hometown. He just ends up there after he took off from his own hometown. He left home after sacrificing his own freedom for a girl he grew up loving and protecting. Throughout his journey in Nelson Island, he grows into the man he was always supposed to be, and Aston is a huge part of that growth.

What was the easiest and hardest thing about writing this story?

The easiest thing about writing this story was falling in love with my hero. Sam is different from other New Adult heroes I’ve read. He’s all man, but he doesn’t have to sleep around or be majorly possessive to show it. Not that I haven’t fallen in love with plenty of those heroes in recent NA novels myself! But Sam is definitely one-of-a-kind.

The most difficult thing about it was making sure that Sam and Aston didn’t jump the gun! I didn’t want their feelings for each other to be rushed or to happen sooner than would be acceptable for readers.

And while we’re talking about writing, can you tell us about how you came up with the idea?

Actually, the working title came to me one day completely out of the blue. I wanted to write a story called WANTED, and I wanted the hero to ride into a strange town on a Harley. From that tiny thought, Sam was born. He turned out less rough-around-the-edges than I intended, because his heart is pure sweetness. But I ended up loving him just the way he turned out.

Can you share with us a favorite line or two from Wanting Forever?

My very favorite line comes when Sam sees Aston as the sexy woman she is for the first time. The moment takes place outside their favorite bar, and she appears outside as he’s arriving, wearing cowgirl boots. Sam can’t freaking resist those boots!

“Aston,” he said, his voice barely a whisper. She trembled, finally recognizing the precarious situation they were tiptoeing around. “Yes Sam?” “I need you to step away from me, now. Go inside, grab me a beer, and get your ass and those boots under a table. Okay?”

I know I wrote it, but geez! It makes me swoon every single time.

Could you ask Sam and Aston to each describe the other for us?

Sam, of Aston: She’s incredibly strong. She’s crazy-beautiful. She’s also incredibly lonely. I can’t for the life of me figure out why every man in her life treats her like she’s unbreakable. She’s far from it. She needs someone to hold her sometimes, whether she think she wants it or not.

Aston, of Sam: He’s big…really big. All those ex-football player muscles could just wrap me up tight. He’s hot as hell, but he drives me insane! Why doesn’t he realize that everything he’s ever needed is standing right in front of him? All he has to do is reach out…and take it.

And lastly, what do you hope readers will take away from Sam and Aston’s story?

Actually, what I want them to take away has nothing to do with Sam and Aston! There’s a major betrayal in the story, and I want readers to keep an open mind about it. There’s two sides to every story, and Ever’s story definitely needs to be told. That’s why her story is book two, a novella just for Ever called EVER ALWAYS. It’s going to be such a raw, emotional read!

Diana thanks for stopping by.It was great spending some time with you, please feel free to drop in anytime!!

I loved being here today, Lisa! And I would love to come back sometime soon!

About the Author: 

Diana Gardin was born and raised combing the coasts of Southeastern Virginia. She is now a happy resident of South Carolina as she married into an enormous Carolina-rooted family. She loves the beach, and even more than that she loves to read while sitting on the beach.

While writing was always a passion of Diana’s, she enrolled in college to become an elementary-school teacher.After eight years of teaching in both Virginia and South Carolina, she decided to stay at home with her first child. This decision is what opened her eyes to the fact that she still very much loved to write, and her first novel was written.

Diana is also the author of the Young Adult novel COLOR BLIND and the New Adult series the Ashes series.

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