06 October 2013

Title: The Georgia Corbins
Author: Kara Leigh Miller
Publisher: Entranced Publishing (June 10th, 2013)
Genre: YA Contemporary
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Synopsis: Ali Philips never thought anything could be more devastating than the day Levi and Tucker Corbin, her two best friends—her only friends—moved away. Three years passed without a single phone call, text message, or email from them and she’s resolved to the fact that she will probably never see them again. Until one morning when she comes face-to-face with Levi Corbin in physics class.

Little does she know, the Corbins have returned to Haldeen with only one thing on their minds: winning Ali’s heart. Ali soon finds herself in the middle of a love triangle she doesn’t want any part of. As she tries to reclaim the friendships she’s lost and to adjust to the unfamiliar feelings she’s having, she struggles with making the one decision that will forever change their lives: Levi or Tucker Corbin?

She’s always had a special bond with Tucker and feels most comfortable when she’s with him. But Levi brings her to life in a way she didn’t think was possible and makes her feel things she didn’t think she would ever feel. Torn between the two, Ali is certain of only one thing–by the time it’s over, she’ll lose one of her best friends.

Guest Post:
Pick a Character, Any Character!
Kara Leigh Miller

        When I get asked who my favorite character is, I often joke that it would be easier to pick which of my children I like the best. Obviously, I’m just kidding. I could never choose one of my children over the other, but it made me think about my characters and why I connect with some more than I do others.

        In The Georgia Corbins, my favorite character is Levi Corbin. It kind of hurts to say that because I feel like I’m being unfair to all my other characters, but there’s no denying it – Levi is my favorite. Why? I’m not sure, exactly, but I do have a few theories.

        1. He’s the quintessential nice guy. He’s that guy that every girl dreams of finding. The guy who loves unconditionally, gives unselfishly, and always knows the right thing to say at the exact moment it needs to be said.
        2. He’s a lot like me in the fact that he always tries to do the right thing no matter what the consequences are to him or his feelings.
        3. Family is important to him and he does what’s necessary to make sure the people he cares about are safe and taken care of.
        4. His unflinching devotion to Ali. No matter what Ali does or says, no matter if she hurts him or not, Levi will always be there for her. He not only told her that, he’s shown her time after time that he means it, too. In this regard, Levi is a lot like my husband.

Now, just because Levi is my favorite doesn’t mean I like my other characters any less. I just like them in a different way and for different reasons. Yeah, I know that sounds like a copout, but it’s the truth.

        Creating characters is a lot like having children – minus all the physical pain of childbirth, of course. Characters, like children, worm their way into your heart. They make you laugh, cry, and scream in frustration. They make choices you don’t always agree with and say things that make you cringe. They can make you proud or embarrass the hell out of you. But one thing never changes: they become a part of you and no matter what; they will always hold a special place in your heart.


The bell rang and Al was out of the room in a flash. Jimmie Allen and Brody tried to talk to me, but I ignored them and followed Al. It took me a moment to find her in the crowded hallway, but when I did, I didn't waste any time going to her. She was standing at her locker.
I cautiously approached her. "Got a minute?"
She slammed her locker closed and walked in the opposite direction.
"Al!" I chased after her.
She spun around and faced me. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"
Ouch, that was harsh. "I guess I deserved that."
"Oh, you deserve a heck of a lot more than that, Levi," she said angrily.
"I know I do. Look, Al, I'm real sorry. Can you please let me explain?"
"I've been waiting three years. This had best be good." She clutched her books to her chest and tapped her foot impatiently.
I took a deep, shaky breath. "Dad wouldn't let us visit. He said he didn't want to worry about cleaning up after our trouble making ways."
"And your Momma wouldn't let you use the phone? Or did you just forget how?"
Had she always been this feisty? "I have no excuse for that." I shoved my hands in the pockets of my jeans and stared at the ground. "I'm sorry, Al."
"And what's Tucker's excuse?"
"He doesn't have one either."
"I gotta get to class." She turned her back on me again and proceeded to walk away.
She stopped cold and just stood there, her head down and her back still to me. I'd never called her Ali before. Had I crossed the line?

Author Bio: 

Born and raised in the small town of Mexico, New York, Kara was an only child who was forced to find ways to entertain herself. Playing make believe with her Barbie dolls and stuffed animals was her first real taste of storytelling before she became old enough to develop a love affair with the written word.

She's the author of The Georgia Corbins, a YA romance, several adult novellas, and a handful of short stories. Kara is an active member of the CNY Writers Haven and the CNY Romance Writers. In addition, she's a Senior Editor at Entranced Publishing.

Today, Kara resides in New Haven, New York with her husband, five kids, three cats, and two puppies. When she's not reading or writing, she's thinking about reading and writing. And when she's not doing that, she's spending time with her family and friends.

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