02 July 2013

Title: Chameleon (Supernaturals, #1)
Author: Kelly Oram
Publisher: Bluefields, (June 25th, 2013)
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Synopsis: For small-town rebel Dani Webber magic and monsters are no more real than the Easter Bunny… until the day she accidentally stops time. Dani quickly discovers that not only do supernaturals exist, but she herself is one of them. This is great news for her life-long best friend Russ, who can finally come clean about his own supernatural status and his undying love for her. Before the two can start to enjoy the long overdue relationship, Dani is taken by a powerful council of supernaturals who believe she is the Chosen One destined to save them from extinction.

As if being kidnapped and expected to save the world isn't bad enough, an ancient prophecy warns of the Chosen One’s dark nature: “Only the truest love will keep her an agent for good.” The council believes they know who this “true love” is and, unfortunately, that person isn't Russ. The mysterious, powerful and devastatingly handsome Seer is the last person Dani wants in her life, but when she starts having visions of a horrific future, she has no one else to turn to for help.

Soon Dani finds herself torn between two very different boys with two very different opinions of whom she can trust. With the visions getting worse and time running out, Dani is forced to put aside her feelings and work with both the Seer and Russ before an ancient evil is unleashed upon the earth.


           “Yes child,” the Supreme High Councilor said. His temper had calmed and he smiled again, but the smile was unsettling. “You do not understand your own power and you haven’t learned to control it. You know nothing of this world or your destiny yet.”
           “I don’t believe in destiny!”
           I couldn't help glancing at Gabriel then, and he figured out my secret. “You didn't see me,” he said. “You saw us.”
           The room fell into silence.
           The Supreme High Councilor squatted down to my level. “Is that true?” His anger was gone and for some reason he looked very excited by the Seer’s suggestion. He waited but the only answer he got from me was an offer for him to kiss my ass.
           He stood again with a sigh. “My, but she’s a spirited little thing. I suppose that’s necessary if she’s to fulfill the prophecy.”
           “I can never see my own fate,” Gabriel said to the Supreme High Councilor. “If my fate is tied to hers it would explain why I could not see her future.”
           “Yes,” the Supreme High Councilor said. “Of course. Of course. Power attracts power and you are both pure. A perfect match.”
           Gabriel stood in front of me again. The move was not antagonistic. He didn't mean to make me feel inferior the way the Supreme High Councilor did. “Did you see us together?” he asked. “Is there a connection between us? Is that why you are afraid to tell us what you saw?”
           He knelt down in front of me and gazed into my eyes with something like hope. It frightened me. “No,” I whispered and then looked at my lap.
           I felt a hand come down on mine and I changed form. When I looked up, Alistair was smiling down at me. “Are you sure, my lady?” he asked. “That it was not you and the Seer together that you saw?”
           I opened my mouth to deny it again and my voice caught in my throat. The words could not escape me. The more I tried to speak the more I felt my lungs seize up and it was painful.
           When I started panicking Alistair asked, “Is there a problem?”
           ‘Yes!” I screamed and then stopped, surprised that the word flowed from my mouth. “How come I couldn't speak before?”
           Alistair smiled again. “At the moment you posses the traits of the Sidhe.”
           “Creatures of Faery.”
           “You’re a faery?” I gasped.
           “Indeed, my lady. And as such, I am physically incapable of telling a falsehood.”
           “Faeries can’t lie?”
           “I’m afraid not. So tell us again, did you glimpse a future in which you and the Seer shared one fate?”
           Stubbornly I stayed silent, but I knew that was the same as an admission.
           The Seer pulled my chin up to look into my eyes. Energy flared through me from his soft fingertips. “Do not be afraid of the visions,” he told me. “They come from the Creator and have only ever brought about good.”
           My voice was a lot shakier than I cared for when I asked, “Do they always come true?”
           “Yes,” Gabriel admitted. “Unless we interfere. If you know the future, Danielle, you have the power to change it. As a seer, what you must decide is whether or not you should.”
           I couldn't bear to look at him any longer when I could still feel the effect of his kiss from my vision. I jerked my face from his grasp.
           He rose to his feet again and spoke to the Councilor. “There is one thing I do not understand. How was she able to see this vision when a seer cannot ever glimpse their own fate?”
           “As a warlock she casts spells without incantations,” Constance said. “As a werewolf she defeated a male second without any prior training, without even understanding what was happening to her. Perhaps she is even more powerful than you.”
           “More powerful than the Seer?” Robert muttered.
           He went to stand next to the Supreme High Councilor and whispered, “Think of the possibilities, Councilor. We have much to discuss here.”
           The two of them looked me over, considering. Their eagerness made me sick. If my hands weren't bound to my chair I’d have given them both the finger.

About the author: 

Kelly Oram wrote her first novel at age fifteen–a fan fiction about her favorite music group, The Backstreet Boys, for which family and friends still tease her. She's obsessed with reading, talks way too much, and loves to eat frosting by the spoonful. She lives outside of Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and four children.

Find Kelly Online:

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