30 April 2012

Today Jessica (Confessions of a Bookahlic) and I have shared with you our interview with A Temptation of Angels author Michelle Zink and some of our favorite quotes from the book. Now, we are doing an open discussion of the book where we share some of our thoughts and give readers a chance to join in and link up their review of A Temptation of Angels.

Discussion for A Temptation of Angels

A Temptation of Angels has some very strong personalities, what was your first impression of the main characters in the story?
I really like Helen immediately because she had amazing strength. I can't imagine going through what she had and it was amazing to see how she carried on. Then of course, there's Griffin who was a very nice surprise. His kindness was exactly what Helen needed and I think he was able to keep her focused on something positive. Raum was a shock for me (in a good way). I was surprised I like him so much. What about you?
I loved Helen right from the start also. I think she was incredible and I loved how the further you read the more she found her voice. She wanted to always stand on her own two feet when she could have let others take care of her. I loved that about her. And Griffin was such a support to her when she needed it most. She was able to open up to him when with everyone else she felt she needed to be stronger then she might have been. I liked that with Griffin we were able to see a softer side to her after all she's been through. And then Raum... wow, I can't wait to read more about him. Such a mystery. I wanted more of him in the story. Let's just say that when he appeared in the story I was a tad thrilled.
Yeah, I was so excited when Michelle said that we would be seeing more of him! I really want to read more of this story. I don't get to read a lot of books with that setting, or time period, so it was a nice change. But now I just need MORE!
Speaking of setting and time period, Michelle did a wonderful job of both, don't you think? What was your favorite part of both?

I remember reading Prophecy of the Sisters, Michelle's other series, and just being blown away by her writing. She really has a knack for writing some brilliant descriptions. It always flows so well and you can really visualize the setting. I loved how dark and spooky she made the streets. I also loved how you could really get the "historical" feeling when hearing about Helen's surroundings and even what she wore.
The descriptions were brilliant! I could visualize the streets and even the light and dark. It was easy to imagine what could or might be lurking in both places and for an author to make the light creepy... wow. HUGE props to her! I really had such an easy time with the time period due to the flow of writing and how I was so drawn into the story. Period pieces usually are hard for me to read, I can sometimes get bored easily, but not with Michelle's writing.

True. I think that's why I normally shy away from historical settings. Michelle mentioned that the next novel will be companion to this one. Are you sad that it isn't a sequel?
Really, I'm not sad, because she hinted that Raum's story isn't over and since I was most intrigued by him, I'm hoping that the next book he's a much larger part of the story? I'm excited to see what the companion book is all about. Are you?
Same. I honestly thought there would be a sequel so I was a little sad that the story would be changing next time, but I'm super excited to see what she does with this. And, to see more of Raum. I know his story is far from over but I do hope we get to see more of the characters from this book as well. I'd really miss Helen! She's a great character.

What did you guys think? Please leave us (spoiler-free) comments and we invite others to reply and join in. If you haven't read the book yet, just tell us what really makes you want to read it. 
  • 1 winner will receive an ARC of A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink. 
  • You must be at least 13 to enter. 
  • Name and email must be provided and counts as 1 entry.
  • Extra entries are possible and links must be provided.
  • Contest is US Only and ends May 14th.
  • Once contacted, the winner will have 48 hours to respond.
  • The form must be filled out to enter.  
You will find this form on Confessions of a Bookaholic as well. PLEASE only fill it out ONCE!  

We wanted to do this feature as a way to promote a new release and get people involved in discussing the book. One of the best ways to find out about a book is to read the reviews. 

We would love you to join the discussion about the book. Leave comments, tell us what you thought, tell us why you want to read it, or ask questions. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE SPOILERS! We don't want to ruin it for others, but we'd love to see what everyone thought of the story. 

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  1. I have been wanting to read this one for awhile! I really enjoy stories about angels and the cover on this one really drew me in.

  2. I love reading about angels and I would love to read this book. Please enter me in contest. Tore923@aol.com

  3. This looks like a fantastic book!!!

  4. I really enjoyed 'A Temptation of Angels.' The writing style is so fluid and well-plotted that it made it difficult to put down. It is a beautiful and complex story that really draws the reader in. I also liked that the characters are flawed, but are able to work those flaws to their advantage.

    I usually do not leave links in other blog's comments, but since this is a discussion post, you can read my review here: http://twistingthelens.wordpress.com/2012/04/04/a-temptation-of-angels-by-michelle-zink/

    Thanks for hosting a discussion on such a standout book!


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