29 February 2012

Yesterday Jessica (Confessions of a Bookaholic) and I shared with you our interview with Everneath author Brodi Ashton and some of our favorite quotes from the book. Today we are doing an open discussion of the book where we share some of our thoughts and give readers a chance to join in and link up their review of Everneath.

Discussion for Everneath

I really enjoyed how Everneath starts off with the characters being directly in the action. I admit, I'm not very knowledgeable about myths but it was great to start out by getting a lot of information from the beginning
I agree with you, however it was pretty confusing to me. I mean I was 73 pages into the story and I was totally confused as to exactly what had happened. There were terms in the book surrounding the events that the main character had gone through, but I had no clue until way later on in the book as to what really had happened.
I agree, especially when Nikki came back and was attempting to get back to her new life. That's when I really had to slow down and try to soak in each detail she gave about what happened while she was away. What did you think of Cole?
Ah, that's a question I was actually going to ask  you... but you beat me to it! To be honest, he rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning. I found him more than frustrating and somewhat an ass. Most of the time, I can find something to endear me to a character that makes me feel as he did, but I have no idea why so many people are falling all over him. So, my turn, what did you think of Cole?
Very true, but I did find that by the end I did really feel bad for Cole. I think that there is a lot to his story that we will, hopefully, find out in book 2. It did take me a while to like anything about him but I think he may prove to be more than meets the eye.
As you were typing that, I was thinking about Cole and I am looking forward to more about him because I do think he has something to offer, I just don't see it yet. I wanted to feel sorry for him, but I couldn't really because I know he can't feel. Or maybe that's what the clever author is trying to make us believe?

You could be right. Sneaky, sneaky! I try to have hope and I am really excited to see what happens with him. What did you think of the way Nikki handled her situation?
She was so disconnected from the Feed, so the beginning of the book showed just how detached she really was and as the book progressed a black cloud was somewhat lifted from around her that you finally get a chance to see and feel things again just as she did.
Exactly, at first I wondered why she had fought so hard to go back to her past life. Then, as time went on, I felt I saw her more clearly and could get the emotion that had been hiding. Overall, I was really happy with this story, the story of Nikki and Jack, and the suspense Brodi brought to the plot. I will definitely be checking out the next book to see where this story goes.

Since you mentioned Jack, I think I need to say that I loved him and how he never gave up, yet he had his own scars from Nikki's disappearance he still never gave up. The ending was epic and I totally agree with you... Brodi knows how to write the suspense. I'm also looking forward to the next book to find out what happens after that cliffhanger ending.

What did you guys think? Please leave us (spoiler-free) comments and we invite others to reply and join in.


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  • Extra entries are possible and links must be provided.
  • Contest is US Only and ends March 14th.
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  • The form must be filled out to enter. 

You will find this form on Confessions of a Bookaholic as well. PLEASE only fill it out ONCE!

We wanted to do this feature as a way to promote a new release and get people involved in discussing the book. One of the best ways to find out about a book is to read the reviews. 

Please feel free to link your review of EVERNEATH that has been posted on your blog or Goodreads.

Rules: Please post ONLY your review of EVERNEATH. 
Please provide the direct link in the linky.
You can include your rating of the book. 

Example of link: A Life Bound By Books - Everneath Review (4 stars)

We would love you to join the discussion about the book. Leave comments, tell us what you thought, or ask questions. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE SPOILERS! We don't want to ruin it for others, but we'd love to see what everyone thought of the story.

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  1. Hmm this sounded like an confusing read I'm going to have to pay close attention while reading!

  2. I have not had the chance to read it yet. But the more I read about it the more I want to read it.

  3. I've been wanting to read this book since the first time I saw it! I loved your conversation above - it's made me even more eager to read it! Thanks for sharing the discussion :)

  4. Thank you for the giveaway. I appreciate the comments I've read on it prior to my read of it.

  5. Sounds really interesting! Thank you so much for the discussion, it gave me a lot more insight into the book and now I am really excited to read it. Thank you for the giveaway too!!

  6. Thank you so much for the discussion. The book sounded sort of interesting before but now I am really intrigued and looking forward to reading it. Thank you for the giveaway too!!

  7. This book sounds interesting

  8. I think I would actually have to read this before I could comment. I was pretty much lost during the discussion.

  9. Thanks for the discussion and the interview. I can't wait to read it!

    the imagine tree at aol dot com

  10. I haven't read this one so I don't want to read the discussion about it.


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