04 October 2011


An Exclusive excerpt & summary from FORBIDDEN, the spectacular supernatural YA debut from the talented mother-son writing team Syrie James and Ryan M James!

Cover not final, subject to change.
Title: Forbidden
Author: Syrie James and Ryan M James
Publisher: HarperTeen, 412 pages (January 24, 2012)


She should not exist.
He should not love her.

Desperate to stay put in L.A. long enough to finish high school at the elite Emerson Academy, Claire Brennan hides the psychic visions she’s been getting from her paranoid, over-protective mother, even the ones warning her she’s in danger. 

Alec MacKenzie chose Emerson Academy as the ideal hiding place where he could escape his duties as an angelic watcher, and be normal for once. But he didn’t count on falling in love with Claire, a half-angel whose very existence is forbidden. 

Their relationship is also forbidden, going against everything Alec has been taught to believe. But when the threat to Claire’s life becomes clear, how far will Alec go to protect her?

by Syrie James and Ryan M James

       “Have you ever had an empanada?” Claire asked Alec, as they finished retrieving their books and headed toward the library stairwell.
       “Are we always going to play the ‘Has Alec Eaten This?’ game?” he asked quietly.
       Claire worried that she’d offended him, until she saw a good-natured smile tug at his lips. “I’m just curious. I mean, after the pizza thing—I’ve never met anyone before who hadn’t—”
       “Let’s put it this way,” Alec interjected. “If it’s fried, fattening, caffeinated, alcoholic, or high in sugar content, it’s safe to assume that I rarely eat it—or have never tried it.”
       Claire stared at him. “Why?”
       “Are your parents fitness freaks, or do they just hate you?” Erica said.
       Alec stiffened visibly. “They just followed a healthy lifestyle, which I continue to embrace. But they . . . died when I was young.”
       Erica went red in the face. A silence fell.
       “Way to go, Erica,” Brian said, clapping. “That was awkward.”
       “I’m sorry.” Claire felt terrible.
       “Me too.” Erica looked at her feet.
       “Thanks, but . . . don’t worry about it. It’s okay.”
       All at once, Claire understood Alec’s earlier comment about her mom. No wonder he’s often so quiet and moody, she thought, her heart going out to him. It was bad enough to grow up without a father. But to have no parents at all? That was too awful to contemplate. She’d assumed Alec had moved here with his parents because of a job transfer or something. Who does he live with? she wondered. A grandparent? An aunt or uncle? She wasn’t sure this was the right moment to ask.
       They neared the bottom of the stairs, where the construction crew was still working atop a three-tiered scaffolding tower. Claire spied Neil standing just beyond it by the drop-off circle. He waved at them and shouted something Claire couldn’t hear over the annoying beeping noise of a truck backing up.
       The four of them passed underneath the scaffolding, heading toward the circle. They were halfway through the makeshift corridor when Claire heard the sudden, loud roar of an engine. To her horror, the truck was speeding backward toward them. Before she could think or move, the vehicle collided with the base of the scaffolding with a devastating crash.
       The screech of tearing metal ripped through the air as the entire structure overhead began to collapse.
       A huge wooden platform barreled down directly at them.
       Claire screamed and ducked, a single thought popping into her mind: I’m going to die.
       Frozen in terror, Claire fixed her gaze on the heavy wooden platform hurtling toward their heads, which was a split second away from crushing them all.
       But it never did.
       Somehow, impossibly, the platform seemed to hover for a fraction of a second in midair. Alec stood tall above her, one arm extended, fingers splayed, as if magically holding up the platform by sheer willpower. She heard screams and shouts from above as suddenly the whole board tilted to one side. In her peripheral vision she caught sight of three men landing safely on the pavement nearby.
       Before Claire could blink, Alec’s arms were wrapped around her and their friends and then they were airborne. They landed heavily and painfully on the concrete, out of harm’s way, as the entire scaffolding tower smashed to the ground beside them in an explosion of dust, screeching metal, and splintering wood.
       The thundering clatter echoed in Claire’s ears as they all lay in a heap. Dust stung her eyes, but as she blinked it away her gaze briefly locked with Alec’s. Then, just as suddenly as he’d tackled them, Alec was up on his feet and gone.

Forbidden available January 24, 2012 from HarperTeen

Preorder Forbidden here:

Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Kindle) | Barnes and Noble

NOCTURNE includes an exclusive sneak preview
at the back of the book of the
first two chapters of FORBIDDEN

Title: Nocturne
Author: Syrie James
Publisher: Vanguard Press NOCTURNE

Summary: When Nicole Whitcomb's car runs off a Colorado mountain road during a blinding snowstorm, she is saved from death by a handsome, fascinating, and enigmatic stranger. 

Snowbound with him for days in his beautiful home high in the Rockies, she finds herself powerfully attracted to him. But there are things about him that mystify her, filling her with apprehension. Who is Michael Tyler? Why does he live in such a secluded spot and guard his private life so carefully? What secret—or secrets—is he hiding?

Nicole has secrets of her own and a past she is running from—but Michael understands her better than anyone she has ever known. Soon, she is falling as deeply in love with him as he is with her— a profoundly meaningful experience that is destined to change their lives forever.

As the sexual tension between them builds, however, the clues mount up. When Nicole learns her host's terrifying secret, there is nowhere for her to run but into the blizzard raging outside, and Michael may be the only one who can save her life.

"Haunting characters ... A page-turner."
—Fresh Fiction

"5 OUT OF 5 STARS! I loved it!" 
—Good Choice Reading

"Near-death experiences, a charming and enigmatic stranger, concealed dark secrets, forbidden love – Syrie James' latest novel is an exquisite feast of passion, turmoil, adventure, and intrigue. 5 stars!” —Austenesque Reviews

“If you've never read a Syrie James novel you're missing out. Whether you begin with her odes to Austen, Bronte, Dracula, or Nicole and Michael – you will most assuredly read every word she's written and become a true fan for all time." —Feathered Quill Book Reviews

"Lyrical, lush, and intensely romantic, this infinitely touching, bittersweet story will weave its way into readers' hearts, with its complex characters and compelling emotions sure to linger long after the last page has been turned." —Library Journal

Nocturne available now from Vanguard Press!

Order Nocturne online here:

Amazon (Paperback) | Amazon (Hardback) | Amazon (Kindle) | Barnes & Noble

Find Syrie and Ryan Online:

Syrie James:
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Ryan M James:
Website |   Facebook  Twitter   
Read an excerpt from Nocturne >>>HERE<<<

Read reviews of Nocturne >>>HERE<<<


Dracula, My Love Click >>>HERE<<< for more info.

The haunting, page-turning tale of Mina Harker’s secret, passionate affair with the most famous and powerful vampire of them all.

"I loved it! A gripping story, infused with passion, excitement,
and emotional turmoil. This vampire can bite my neck any time!" 
—American Book Center

Enter to win a SIGNED copy of Nocturne!
With a signed bookplate & bookmark!

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A HUGE thank you goes out to both Syrie and Ryan for the guest post and
the donation for this giveaway. LOVED the excerpt and I'm excited to
 be able to post and share it with everyone.

*I am not compensated at all for any of the links within this page.

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  1. I've been so curious about this one. Thanks for the highlight!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  2. Oh nice! I loved Nocturne!! Don't think my copy had the sneak peek, might have to double check since I read it so many books ago! This one looks good too!


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    Can't wait for those :3

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  5. Forbidden definitely sounds good, that small little taste has me excited to read it.


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    GFC ~ erin

  8. Wow I have never heard of Forbidden, and getting visions seems scary and yet kind of cool.

    Thank you for this giveaway

    chelle2006 @ aol.com

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  10. Great excerpt. Cant wait for Forbidden to come out.

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  12. Escaping angelic duties...I'm interested in that one.
    tlabunski **((gmail))**

  13. I look forward to reading this book.


  14. That excerpt was great! I love when there is food in books, because we all eat in the real world. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  15. So creepy! Sounds like a great read.

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    Email: osnapitzAngiex3(AT)aol(DOT) com

  18. These are definitely going on my to-read list!

    Thank you for the entry!


  19. Looks great! Thanks again for yet another gotta read.....THE PILE IS GETTING HIGH! *soon I will be buried*

  20. Another amazing story! Thanks for sharing!

    Ashley Suzanne
    ashleysbookshelf at gmail dot com

  21. Love the cover, and I think it's cool that they wrote it together :)


  22. What a lovely and insightful fun post that you have here. I've been dying to read Nocturne for a while, as I've heard fantastic things about it. Thank you, for the lovely giveaway. :)

    Suz @ A Soul Unsung

  23. Thank you for sharing great post! This sounds like a great book thank you for the great giveaway!
    tishajean@ charter.net

  24. Nocturne has been on my wishlist for awhile now and I have been trying to read it. Forbidden sounds really good too. Thanks for the giveaway.

    miss.smileygirlie at gmail dot com

  25. Wow, I loved that excerpt! I want to read more!


  26. I haven't even heard about these books, but they sound really good! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the giveaway!

    bookcrookliza at gmail dot com

    Liza @ Book Crook Liza

  27. This book is on my TBR list, how awesome is an autographed copy?!
    Thanks so much=)
    Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

  28. My girls and i could share this book :)

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    All these super sweet giveaways totally rock ... I can't believe all the awesome goodies being generously provided :D

    And I LOVE the cover art, would also love to read this!!

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  31. I wanted to read Forbidden already, but even more so after reading the excerpt. I'm so excited for it now!


  32. Why haven't I read these? They all sound (and look) fantastic!!

    bchild5 at aol dot com


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