14 September 2011

The Writers Voice 
Where you get to know the people behind the pages 

This is Emma Michaels, the author of The Thirteenth Chime’ and I am taking over! Don’t worry, it is only for one post. To introduce you to the team of amazing authors who are a part of a new blog called, ‘The Writers Voice’. A blog run by 12 authors. Dedicated to letting you get to know each of us and the authors we feature! 

Here is the team and a few fantastic authors each telling us an interesting fact about them you would never find in their bio!


“I wanted to be a pilot but had to give up my career aspirations because I have panic attacks whenever I board a plane.”
-Jayde Scott


“Well, I have a bucket list, and I am slowly working to cross things off of it.” 
-Jessica Sorensen 


“I’m fascinated by the culture of the Japanese Samurai and I even have a tattoo of the Samurai symbol on my lower back. It’s there to remind me to be honourable and strong no matter where life takes me.”
-Samantha Young


“I'm blessed with an awesome family. My three children are very talented. The oldest two are musicians and the youngest a dancer. Also, my only daughter and I are pretty much bff.” 
-Victoria Simcox 


“I’m pretty much an open book so this answer may be hard to come up with. Let’s see, Ok , I know – here’s one – I’m afraid of the dark ( : “
-Jamie Magee


“Most people don’t know I’m a writer ‘cause this is a relatively new phase of my life, but for the people who do know, they might not know that I never aspired to write and was a computer administrator before I had to quit and be home for my son’s needs. Oh, and that I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid. And that I’m scared to swim alone in the pool.” 
-Brenda Pandos 


“Well, this may seem out of place, but apparently people are trying to find out from the keywords people have used to get to my website: I am LDS, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Same as Stephanie Meyer, Ally Condie, Kiersten White, and a lot of other great authors!”
-Keary Taylor


“I’m a swing dancer and I take tae kwon do.” 
-Megg Jensen 


“I love animals. I wanted to be a vet growing up, but being too sensitive to animals, I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle it.”
-Kim Richardson


“I am fierce. I may be small, have a gentle voice and a soft disposition, but don’t let that fool you. My favorite sport is martial arts—any of them—because I find them strangely beautiful. I’m looking forward to studying Jis Jitsu once the kids are a little older.” 
-Danyelle Leafty 


“My friends call me monkey or memma. My father read the legend of the monkey king in Chinese and starting comparing me to the main character. Then just as he said “MONKEY QUEEN” my fiancé said “MONKEY PRINCESS”. I joked with my best friend about it and she agreed. It seems everyone in my life agrees that my goals tend to lean towards the impossible but hey, if you shoot for the moon you never know, you might just land on a star.”
-Emma Michaels

“Birds hate me. It started about 10 or 15 years ago, when a bird dive-bombed my car and I hit it. I’ve hit at least one bird with every car I’ve owned except my current one. They just fly right in front of me or, a couple times, right into the side of the car. But it’s not just my cars. They do it when I’m in other people’s vehicles, as if they know I’m in there! Probably because they know I don’t like them either. Their beady eyes, pointy beaks and weird feet freak me out. Since we’ve moved to Florida, there are some water fowl I’ve grown to like. As long as they stay in the water and far from me.” 
-Kristie Cook 

Oh yeah, did I mention we have amazing guest authors? 
Here is a sneak peak of a few of the interviews we have planned for the future:

 “I have a Master’s degree in recreation and leisure studies (you didn’t even know you could get a Master’s degree in leisure, did you?). Before I went to law school, I moved around a lot, and worked as a guide for backcountry canoeing and kayaking trips, and taught kids to rock climb.”
-Inara Scott


“When I was younger, I swore I’d never get married. HA! Those are the kinds of jagged little pills one should keep to oneself so that you don’t have to swallow them down with a big helping of crow later;)” 
-M. Leighton


“I can sing. I’m actually more confident about singing than I am about writing. In high school there was a vocal jazz group that you couldn’t get into unless you auditioned. I was the only grade 10 girl to get in that year. I stayed with the group for three years and it was one of the best experiences of my life.”
-Rhiannon Paille


“I'm extremely sensitive. I get my feelings hurt easily, but don't show it.” 
-Morrigan Michele

We are the team of authors for The Writers Voice but our blog is about so much more than just us, writing or even literature. It is about everything reading can bring to each individual person’s life, the work and lives that go into novels and all authors out there with their own stories and voices to share. I hope you will join us at The Writers Voice and hear more from our team and other writers from around the web! 

“The Writers Voice: Where you get to know the people behind the pages”

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