28 January 2011

I'm really excited to have Jenn here on my blog today and was lucky to have the chance to interview her and learn more about not only her, but also her Light Series and the characters within her books.

What is your favorite part about the writing process? What is the hardest part?

My favorite part of the writing process is when I really fall into the story and am feeling the emotions, walking in the footsteps of the characters. I don’t know how it happens, but I’m so thankful that it does. My least favorite part of the process is writer’s block! I think all authors go through periods where, even when you love your characters, you need a push to meet deadline. Sometimes it takes a little while to fall head over heels into the story.

What inspired you to write the Light series?

A couple of things. For one, I had wanted to write a book for a long time, and I was feeling a very strong stirring to create something fun and creepy but still grounded in the spiritual ideals that I’d been studying for a while. I told myself, you have to write one page a day—just one—and by the end of the year you’ll have a novel. Well, it went a lot faster than I’d thought once I was smitten with the world. I couldn’t stop writing it, in fact. You had to tear me away from my laptop! Once I was done with Seers, I knew that I needed to share it. I was passionate about the whole idea of the story, about people knowing that they have a unique purpose and destiny for their lives. I wanted readers to be brave and feel enthusiasm and hope. Book two, Whisper of Light, was a continuation of that idea.

In the first two books in your Light series, you introduce us to some strong characters - both male and female – can you tell us what you love about each of your leads?

I’m assuming that you mean Christian, Lily, William and Nicole. These characters are definitely strong, but in very different ways. There are so many means of feeling and displaying strength, and while they can all be flawed, they’re all needed.

Christian Wright is a combination of hot-headedness, old fashioned charm, arrogance and extreme protectiveness. I love that he’s means well and loves so hard and would lay his life down for you in an instant.

Lily Hunt is passionately emotional. She can be a handful, and her gifts mean that she has the tendency to let others’ emotions influence hers… at first, but that same gift means that she can see through lies and misunderstandings, as well.

William Maddox has kind of become a favorite amongst the readers. It’s funny, because his character was a real wild card for me when I first began Seers. I love that William is a little hard to read at the start, because his character is understated. I always say he’s a corner lurker, avoids the spotlight. I also love that William tends to be a bit of a smart ass. ;)

Nicole Abbot is, perhaps, the mousiest of all the characters, but that’s hardly indicative of a quiet mind. I love the fact that, despite all of her problems, she knows how to care deeply and make fun of her own misery.

Can you share with us your favorite line or two from BOTH Seers of Light and Whisper of Light?

“Do you intend to get any closer, or is arm’s length the new black?” – William Maddox, Seers of Light

“Taking a step forward, I stood in the light, tilted my head back and closed my eyes. It held my face and wrapped its arms around my shoulders, and for the very first time, I let hope in.” – Lily Hunt, Seers of Light

“My God, you’re weird.”

“Nowadays it’s called unique, Nicole,” he defended.

“My God, you’re unique.”

“That’s better.”

~Nicole Abbot and Gilford Boyd, Whisper of Light

“Back to the grave allegro of Beethovan’s mind I went, back to the reverie of its melancholy and soft, entreating arms. Right now, my soul understood its purpose here. It was content and fulfilled. And as I played, something -- and I would contemplate this with much frustration afterwards -- whispered on the edge of my understanding.” – Nicole Abbot, Whisper of Light

Some of the subject matter in Whisper of Light is a bit on the sad side, was it hard for you to write about such an emotional journey that one of the main characters takes?

It was and it wasn’t. I think, to some degree, most of us can relate to feeling inferior and undeserving, so it wasn’t tough to conjure those emotions, but I’ve railed against those same beliefs for a long time, so it was painful to let myself feel the way the main protagonist feels so that I could write her properly. Still, it was important that I did. We all need to know and trust in our own right to happiness.

What do you hope readers take away from both Seers and Whisper?

I want very, very much for readers to come away from the series with a strong sense of hope and passion about their own lives. We get stuck in a rut and we think it’s too late or too hard or even impossible to pursue our own dreams and live our purpose, but that’s not the case. It’s never, ever too late to be brave enough to be happy.

If any of the characters from the books popped into this interview now and had something to say, who would it be and what do you think they’d want to tell us?

Wow. What great questions, Well, I think it would Ginny. She’d want to tell you that she just got a new bag of worry stones and she’s dying to show them off. Anybody interested?

Can you tell us any details about what’s to come in the future for the Light Series?

I am currently working on book three, which will bring the series full circle. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t approach the Seers world again in future, but I think after the third novel I’ll probably work on a new project.

Thanks so much for stopping by Jennifer - We hope you’ll come back and visit again soon!

Thank you for having me! I enjoyed your questions! xoxo

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  1. These sounds good! Been looking forward to reading these! Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Great interview, been wanting to read these books since I first seen the around. I love learning how each author does their writing process too so fascinating.

  3. I love the favorite lines part! They definitely make me want to read the book. Thanks for the interview, ladies!

  4. I've heard such great things about this series. Thanks for the interview and giveaway!


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