06 October 2015

Title: Sing Your Heart Out (Sinful Serenade #1)
Author: Crystal Kaswell
Publisher: (Fall 2015)
Genres: New Adult, Romance
From: the Author
Format: eARC
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NOTE: This is a "New Adult" novel. Due to mature content this title is recommended for ages 18+

Synopsis: Good girls don’t date rockstars.

They certainly don’t take rock stars as fuck buddies.

Still a virgin at 21, Meg Smart walks a straight and narrow path. She aces her classes, excels at her part time job, and carefully avoids the black hole that is mourning her sister. There’s no room in her life for trouble–no drinks, no drugs, and especially no boyfriends.

Fine with Miles.

Rock star Miles Webb doesn’t do boyfriend. He doesn’t do intimacy, or love, or anything that isn’t effortless and casual. The only time the singer reveals himself is on stage. His gorgeous, tortured voice hints at the kind of unspeakable pain Meg understands all too well. Only the second he steps off stage he transforms into a cocky, know-it-all player.

Their chemistry is red-hot. He’s tattooed, tall, and totally irresistible. She can’t handle a one-night stand, and a relationship is totally out of the question.

That only leaves one option:

Friends with benefits.

Just sex. Just fun.

No secrets, no feelings, no falling in love.

Only neither one of them can quite abide by the terms.

Review: 3 Stars - Sing Your Heart Out is the first in the Sinful Serenade series from author Crystal Kaswell. The series itself follows band members from the band – Sinful Serenade and their lives as they navigate the limelight that comes with fame.

Since this is the beginning of the series, we’ve had a chance to meet each of the band members and learn a bit about them. Nothing too much to really know what makes them tick, but enough to know who they are and a bit of who they might be in the books to follow. And this time our two main characters are Miles, lead singer and Meg a college senior who’s looking to apply to medical school.

So, one of the main things I love about this book is that each of these characters are hurting. They have issues and secrets they are holding close and deep inside that make them both feel human and relatable. It’s because the issues they are facing are honest and some that many of us will be able to understand on a deeper level. I know I did.

Each of the characters had so much to give yet were hiding behind their pain and issues that they weren’t honest with each other, their friends and themselves. Again, this is something that makes them relatable since sometimes throughout or lives we aren’t honest with the things that happen to us. Mainly because we don’t want to face what’s happening or maybe it’s more we don’t know how to deal with things.

We have two characters that are looking for things in their lives and things they are so set against being ready for. So through the journey we watch like a fly on the wall as you feel for them, and it did without a doubt affect me. My heart broke for these two more than once and I hated the pain they were facing.

However, there are some parts of the story that could have used work. It was more that it felt flat and not as even as it could have been compared to other parts. I wish the story had been a bit more fluid and while I felt so much for these characters there times that this “off-ness” bled over into the characters making them feel like completely different people from who they were just pages prior. Not to be confused with character growth, which also happened, but what I’m mentioning is something completely different.

In the end I did enjoy it, a 3 star is still a good rating to me and tends to mean that if there’s a sequel I’m ready to read more, which is the case for me and this series. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next and having a chance to get update(s) on both Meg and Miles to see where they are down the road in their lives and relationship.

Fans of contemporary titles and characters that are in a band, you should give this a try. Not sure when the next in the series will be released but I know I’ll be on the look out to find out which band member we’ll be following and what will happen within Soulful Serenade next. This is without a doubt a “New Adult”/Adult title due to language, drinking, sexual situations and more, so please keep that in mind when purchasing and reading. Enjoy!

About the Author:

Crystal Kaswell writes steamy new adult and erotic romance books. She loves when flawed characters fall head over heels for each other. Especially if they fall into bed first. She loves police procedurals, tea, and The Hunger Games series. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband.

Find Crystal Online:

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1 comment:

  1. Great review, Lisa! This sounds like a big character driven read! And I love stories about rock stars or famous people in general I find the lifestyle kind of fascinating! Plus it humanizes them, too! Glad you liked it overall! :)


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