22 October 2013

Welcome to the Crossroads!
The Crossroads Blog Tour for 2013!

This year we have 23 authors that I'll be featuring over 7 days and each day you'll have a chance to enter to win! There's also a scavenger/trivia hunt going on, so be sure to check out The Crossroads Tour Post HERE to see what questions will be asked, what blog you'll be able to find the answer on and enter to win!

So, for the third day of the week long event I have another THREE amazing authors and their characters taking of this space. Take a look, and don't forget to enter to win the giveaway via the Rafflecopter below!

Title: Queen of the Dead (The Undertakers #2)
Author: Ty Drago
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, 421 Pages (October 1st, 2013)
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Order Ty's books online here: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository, Amazon UK

Synopsis: Twelve -year old Will Ritter and his rag-tag army of teenage resistance fighters may have triumphed over the Zombies last time, but that's the thing about the dead: they keep coming back.

A new Corpse leader has crossed the rift and taken command of the invasion: The Queen of the Dead is even more brilliant and ruthless than her predecessor, and her ambitions are even deadlier. Will and the crew must somehow rescue his mother, prevent an assassination, and show FBI Agent Ramirez the truth about the Corpses-and the danger the world faces.

But how do a bunch of kids prove to a grown-up that monsters are real?

Upcoming Release: The third book in the Undertakers series, Secret of the Corpse Eater

Hey Ty! Welcome back! It's great to have you visiting again for this years Crossroads. I have a couple of questions for you, so let's get started!.

What are your plans for Halloween?

(Sigh) There was a time, some years ago, when I spent every Halloween dressed up in dark clothes, gloves and a mask that covered my entire head.  Then I’d stand outside my house with a big fake sickle and wait for kids to come by, whereupon I would scare the living beejeezus out of them!  I’m a pretty big person: six-foot-five and two-fifty, so I was able to be imposing without too much melodrama.  Most of the time, I barely had to move at all.  Just raising the sickle at the right moment was enough to send the trick-or-treaters screaming into the night.

Mind you: I didn’t scare the little kids.  But give me a 10 to 15 year old and I was a fearful force to be reckoned with!

Sadly, I had to give it up a few years ago.  My son grew too old to trick-or-treat anymore and, let’s face it, as some point you go from being the fun guy who puts on a show on Halloween to that weird old guy who likes scaring kids.

These days, I just hand out candy.  (Double Sigh)

Can you tell me a bit about the last scary movie you watched? (Were you alone? What snacks you had? What movie you watched? Did it scare you, etc.)

The last scary movie I watched was DARK SKIES, staring Keri Russell and Jake Brennan.  I was alone in our shore house one afternoon with some time to kill so I’ll pulled it down from iTunes and watched it while eating a cheesesteak and fries.

It was … fine.  Had some good moments at the end but, overall, it wasn’t in the league of INSIDEOUS or PARANORMAL ACTIVITY.

About the Author:

I'm a twice (soon to be THRICE) published novelist who makes his home in Southern New Jersey with my beloved wife and son. I also have a beautiful daughter, but she makes her home elsewhere these days (sniff!).

My short fiction has appeared in SPACE AND TIME MAGAZINE, HAUNTS, AFTER HOURS, PANDORA, MIDNIGHT ZOO, PLANET MAGAZINE and AMAZON SHORTS. Another story snapped up the Grand Masters spot in a Fortress Publishing anthology titled "Yesterday, I will." I've also published articles on the craft and business of writing, in such venues as WRITERS DIGEST.

Sounds halfway impressive, doesn't it? Well, I wish I could tell you that I write for a living. Sadly, I don't; at least - not yet. I'm actually a business analyst for a large pharmaceutical company. What's a business analyst you ask? Sorry. Not a clue.

Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I've authored no less than a dozen novels and scores of short stories. Most of these have found homes as bound manuscripts on my office bookshelf, waiting for their moment in the sun. That's the way it is for most authors, I'm afraid.

Find Ty Online:

Website | Facebook | Series Website | Twitter

Title: My Sister's Reaper
Author: Dorothy Dreyer
Publisher: Month9Books, 275 Pages (May 29th, 2013)
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Order Online here: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Book Depository, Amazon UK

Synopsis: Sixteen-year-old Zadie’s first mistake was telling the boy she liked she could bring her dead sister back to life. Her second mistake was actually doing it.

When Zadie accidentally messes with the Reaper’s Rite that should have claimed her sister Mara, things go horribly wrong. Mara isn’t the same anymore—Zadie isn’t even sure she’s completely human, and to top it off, a Reaper is determined to collect Mara’s soul no matter what. Now Zadie must figure out how to defeat her sister’s Reaper, or let Mara die … this time for good.

Hi Dorothy! Welcome to the blog and your stop here for today's Crossroads tour! I've been asking the authors for this years event questions for their characters. I've been looking forward to sharing with everyone so, lets get started!

Would you ever want to spend the night in a haunted location? If so, why?

Zadie: Only if I had to, like if I had to rescue somebody or something. Otherwise, no way. I’ve had way too many close calls with evil beings and spooky creatures. Can’t I spend the night somewhere totally chilled out for a change? Like in a cabana on the beach with the sound of waves lapping at the sand?

3 or more of your characters – please discuss various candies and why they love it?

Zadie: Mmm.

Gavin: What? What are you eating?

Zadie: Peanut butter cups. I love them!

Chase: Ew.

Gavin: What do you mean? You don’t like them?

Chase: I’m not a big chocolate fan. Or a peanut butter fan.

Zadie: Oh, man. I could eat these all day.

Gavin: You know what I could eat all day? Almond Joy. I mean you’ve got your chocolate. You’ve got your exotic coconut. And then you get almonds as a bonus!

Chase: No thanks.

Gavin: Right, you’re not a chocolate fan.

Chase: Or a coconut fan.

Zadie: Weird. So what do you like?

Chase: Twizzlers.

Zadie: Oh yeah, I like them too. But not as much as peanut butter cups. Mmm-mmm.

Gavin: Or Almond Joy. How can anyone not like chocolate?

Chase: Whatever. Twizzlers rule.

About the Author:

I'm a Philippine-born American living in Germany with my husband and two teens.

I write young adult books that usually have some element of magic or the supernatural in them. I also like to read those kinds of books. Aside from reading, I like movies, chocolate, take-out, coffee, traveling, and having fun with my friends and family. I've also been known to make a pretty sweet cupcake.

I tend to sing sometimes, too, so keep me away from your Karaoke bars.

Find Dorothy Online:

Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

No cover at time of posting.
Borrowed graphic from authors site.
Title: A Murder of Magpies
Author: Sarah Bromley
Publisher: Month9Books, LLC (Spetember 2014)
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No pre-order links at the time of posting
Synopsis: Winter in Black Orchard, Wisconsin, is long and dark, and sixteen-year-old empath Vayda Silver prays the snow will keep the truth buried. In spite of a family history of secrets and murder, Vayda somehow trusts Ward Ravenscroft, who claims to not scare easily. But he doesn’t know what her powers are doing to him. Yet.

Sarah!! Welcome! Thanks for having your characters answer a couple of questions for the Crossroads Blog Tour!! 

Would you ever want to spend the night in a haunted location? If so, why?

Vayda: Oh, God, no. My family never speaks of our dead aloud. To do so disrupts the spirit. It goes against the natural orders. Ghosts are nothing we want any part of. Unfortunately, sometimes they find us anyway, through memory, through dreams.

Ward: I think I already have. I lived in this apartment building in Minnesota where you’d see people doing the same shit day in and day out, same time, same place. Like they haunted it. It was kind of sad, actually ‘cause that was ALL they seemed to do. Get the mail. Take out the dog. Take a smoke break. But if someone wanted me to stay in a real haunted house? Sure. Ghosts don’t scare me much.

3 or more of your characters – please discuss various candies and why they love it?

Jonah: Chocolate. My sister makes this hot chocolate with a bit cayenne pepper and cinnamon in it to give it the devil’s bite. Best stuff ever.

Vayda: I have to agree with my brother, not surprising since we’re twins. Nothing beats chocolate. *gives Ward the side eye* I’ve heard it’s better than sex.

Ward: …Wait a second. She’s challenging me. *coughs* Candy. Right. I’m not much of a candy eater. I like caramel corn, saltwater taffy, stuff you have to take your time when you eat it.

About the Author:

Sarah Bromley drinks too much coffee, likes her music loud and off-key, and has loved spooky things since she first saw “An American Werewolf in London” when she was five years old. She currently lives in the St. Louis area with her high-school-sweetheart-turned-heroic-husband, three children, and two petulant pugs. You can find her on Twitter and at her blog. Her adult works are under the name Sarah John Bromley. She is represented by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency.

Things Sarah Likes:

Indie rock, 90s alternative music, strong coffee loaded with creamer, haunted houses, the books of Daphne du Maurier, the laughter of her kids, her garden, and thunderstorms.

Things Sarah Loathes:

When computers malfunction and walking past mirrors (or any reflective surface) at night.

Find Sarah Online:

Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


Totally awesome giveaway going throughout the WHOLE WEEK of the tour! Enter to win and be sure to check back again tomorrow for another spooky post!

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1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to get my hands on all these books (thankfully, I already have Dorothy's MY SISTER'S REAPER). I'm a big fan of horror, especially of the YA variety. As for my favorite horror read, I can't pick just one, so I'll say I just finished Gena Showalter's THROUGH THE ZOMBIE GLASS and loved it.


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